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Key (1983)
Top Fit

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 06/05/2002
Summary: Pretty bad

A lot of porn is awful, and this one's no exception. The story is dull, disconnected and poorly written.

The leading lady's characterization doesn't suit the actress. Her character is described as a bitch, a slut and evil, but the actress manages only to look sweet or standoffish.

The opening scene sets the tone. An American man gives two women the eye, and they walk with him, until a handsome young Hongkie winks at them and they walk off. The American doesn't click his fingers and shake his head, as any normal bloke would do. He jumps up and down and fumes with rage, keeping to the cardinal rule in HK film - all gwailos must overact wildly.

Full nudity was edited out of the print I saw, which seems to have cut about ten minutes out, and stuffed whatever continuity the film might have had.

The only bright spots, for me, were cameos by a couple of actors I love. Perennial sidekick Ho Pak Kwong is marvellous as a man who discovers the leading lady having sex in a small knot of trees. This guy's face is wonderful at expressing lechery. The other is Chui Miu Lin, who must have done hundreds of parts, all cameos, here playing a lightly nagging wife.

If you do get sucked in to renting or, god forbid, buying this one, I can promise only that these few cameos might make the rest of this arrant nonsense slightly and temporarily bearable.

Reviewer Score: 2