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] (1983)
The Boxer's Omen

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 04/26/2008
Summary: Something a little different

For a movie that runs for 100 minutes, it could of been shorten to 90. There were a lot of slow periods during the movie, and maybe it is useful to see the whole process of the ceremony, but darn, its boring too

Ko fei has a vision to goto thailand where a deceased monk beckons for him, and says he is his twin from a previous life and what happens to him, will happen to Ko fei. The monk was killed by a evil priest and Ko fei must enter the temple to become a monk to defeat this evil.

Elivs Tsui is extremely yonng looking as the deceased monk. Apart from Ko fei and elvis, everyone else is a minor character. The acting from everyone is below par, but then again there isnt much to act out.

The special effects, intially i thought was quite good. Look out for the bubble man,that was quite impressive but other special effects are just plain silly, like the toys that you wind up pretending to be little monsters.

Some disgusting scenes, like people eatin something and the other priest eats what he has spit out!! Also eating banana skins instead of the banana, YIKES

This movie is basically good vs evil,there is very little hand to hand combat in the movie (well it only occurs in the ring) and while it does have some entertaining moments, the long slow drawn out scenes and the cheesy special effects make it a bit hard not to use the fast forward button

Reviewer Score: 6