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請鬼 (1984)
Invitation of Ghost

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/02/2002
Summary: Far, far from Norman's best

Much as I love Norman Chu as an actor, I can't excuse him this stupid and lame horror flick, and all the more so because he is the presenter as well.

It's pretty lame as a star vehicle, as Norman doesn't exactly dominate proceedings or set the screen on fire (as he has in many other films).

About the only good feature of this film is a short full frontal nude scene about 30 minutes in, by an unknown actress who plays Norman's first girlfriend. She slips off a robe before plunging into the bath then, shortly after, getting drowned by the green mahjong monster.

The story wanders all over the place, starting with the father and Uncle Te, moving forward 30 years, then to Thailand, back to HK, tries to shift gear to mild romance (which Norman has never been good at !), then back to silly horror and sorcery.

Basically, it starts out dull and doesn't get much better.

Reviewer Score: 2