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傻探出更 (1982)
The Daring Kung-Fu Refugee

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/23/2006
Summary: Decent early Alex Man action.

Filmark International edited this movie into 1986 ninja footage to make "Bionic Ninja." Although it lacks the finesse in it's choreography, the feel is of that elegant 80's HK style, it stars a young and energetic Alex Man in an early role as the good guy, with a fro this time, who fights off a triad. What makes this movie unique is that it constantly showcases sex scenes involving Chan Wai Lau, who is the last choice in the world for those type of scenes. What were the producers thinking? Pak Sha Lik, who has teamed with Chan in many taiwnaese moviesm plays the villain triad boss, and orders Chan around, which is different to the usual bumbling team they usually make. This and Fingers on Triggers(1984) is one of their last movies together. This movie stars an all star cast, Man does great work as usal, and Kent Cheng has a few funny scenes. Don't expect much, just relax and enjoy the movie. Worth a view if you have nothing else to watch. 2.5/5