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先生貴姓 (1984)
And Now What's Your Name

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/04/2003
Summary: Misleadingly titled soap opera

The poster and title imply a story about a young serial ladykiller. The story actually concerns a rather passive and confused young man who is more or less falls in with several women.

The story opens (and closes) with images of a crazy old woman who loudly shouts that she's a whore, and recites a street hooker's price list ($1 for a look, $2 for a feel, $3 against the wall, and so on). This character seems to be a mirror to the main characters. The photographer of course sells his services, but also sells out the Confucian principles of his well-meaning father. The TV actress changes from one rich married man to another, and is openly gossiped about as a whore. Denise is a nightclub hostess, and clearly could be a hooker. And the daughter of the actress's sugar daddy changes boyfriends almost daily, and all her men are called Simon.

This film is basically a glossy sex soapie. It's rather slow and a bit confused, and I fast-forwarded through several scenes. Kenny Bee plays his character as an immature kid who really doesn't understand women and their feelings, despite spending much of his time capturing their beauty on film.

Overall, so-so. For a more entertaining sex soapie, try the weird Smile Again, made in the following year.

Reviewer Score: 3