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我愛羅蘭度 (1984)
I Love Lolanto

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 12/30/2008
Summary: Yikes

This movie just doesnt mesh well.

Nat chan finds a mentally retarded Pat Ha, who has run away from home. Her father is a millionare and wants her to have brain surgery which has a 50% chance of death. Pat runs away because her father girlfriends secret lover threatens her.

Nat chan has his own problems, getting mixed up with gangster Michael chan. Nat's place is ruined by him so he seeks a place to stay with Wong jing, who's future wife and future mother in law rule his life and force him to buy things that he cant afford. Nat helps in out in return for him staying over.

Nat picks up Pat at a bar but its only until the next day Nat and Won realise she isnt all there in the head. Her father gets worried and gets Michael chan to find her, which they do.

Nat is forced to stay with Pat and they seem to make each other happy. Then she has the surgery and after that YIKES Pat can no longer stand Nat. ITs quite sad acually, the now new and sophiscated cant stand Nat's stuid behaviour. She pays him off and the drawing she drew of them together is in the bin. The movie ends with Sibelle hu sits next to him as Michael runs away from his wife and her riends welding baseball bats!!

In all this, there is actually a few good laughs. Some people find Nat annoying, but personally i dont. The ending though changes the happy go lucky fun mood into something quite depressing, this innnocent friendship they had has changed to coldness. ITs a bit hard to take and you feel really sorry for Nat,

Worth a viewing just be prepared for the ending

Reviewer Score: 6