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大紐約華埠風雲 (1985)
Yellow Skin

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/18/2001
Summary: Yellow Peril meets The Godfather

It looks like action hero "Frank" Wong Goon Hung watched Alan Tang's Yellow Peril and decided to make a similar film, going so far as to bring in Tong Lan Fa to play his wife.

There are shootouts, mean looks, bad black guys and crooked cops all over the place. Nothing very remarkable. WongGH doesn't bother to change his expression throughout the film - perhaps he's trying to be Charles Bronson ! Considering that he is presenter, director, writer and star, he does give quite a lot of screen time to other actors.

There's no nudity in this film. A short scene features a busty redhead dancing topless for a cool black dude, but the girls tits are clumsily obscured by two fuzzy hovering black spots, which find their targets about 50% of the time.

The story, apart from steals from Yellow Peril, is a diluted take on The Godfather. The action is so-so, apart from one excellent scene where Korean dynamo Kwan Yung Moon puts on an incredible kickin' display in a short (but pretty pointless) fight scene.

Overall, not awful, but not great either.

Reviewer Score: 4