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Rocky's Love Affairs

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 10/14/2005
Summary: The perfect mess........

This movie is a combination of a 1983 Korean Casanova Wong titled Hwaya(1983), new Hong Kong footage starring Chan Wai Man in 1985, and new Korean ninja footage an overweight Casanova Wong had to shoot with a masked Han Ying, for the producers of this movie. The result is a disjointed tale of a boxer, Chan Wai Man who works for mob boss David Lo who must get a Swiss Bank account number from Casanova Wong and Hyeon Kil Su. Chan Wai Man does more shagging than fighting, with a beautiful uncredited Thai woman, David Lo's cheating wife and manager, but the highlight are Casanova Wong's scenes and his instant weight gain of 50 pounds from one scene to the other. The combination of Chan Wai Man, Casanova Wong, a beautiful Thai woman, and kick ass music scores, you can't beat that. By the way, Chan Wai Man dies in the Korean version. The Hong Kong version was edited to make Chan Wai Man live. Chan turns from good guy, to bad guy, back to good guy again. The editing of various movies into one is obvious. Being made in 1985, this editing technique was popularized thanks to Joseph Lai's IFD movies. The Hong Kong version's print of the Korean footage is of much better quality when compare dto the poor quality Korean version, and because of the new Korean ninja footage, and kick ass scores, the Hong Kong version is to see. Unbelievably, Rocky's Love Affairs was released theatrically in Hong Kong and made some money, and then was released in the west as Ninja Holocaust(1985). Hon Kwok Choi, and many notable HK actors at the time appear, and a bunch of filthiest Gweilos, that make Wilford Brimley and Charles Callahan look intimidating, appear to play mobsters. It just doesn't get any better than this. The perfect mess. Highly recommended. *****/*****