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獻身 (1984)
Killing in the Nude

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/04/2000
Summary: Disjointed and misleadingly titled

The photos and promotional material gives the impression of a school of whores trained as assassins, but the story is nothing of the kind. The story doesn't flow, but splits neatly into three odd-length segments. It mainly concerns plotting and revenge gone wrong. There's some killing, but you have to wait until the final minute to see the one and only killing in the nude. It's as though the producers just remembered in time, and tacked it on the end.
One bright note, but a weird one - you'd expect a movie like this to have a loud brassy theme. But the theme music is a beautiful mellow tune - more suitable to a romance !
Naked Killer it ain't ! Could have been much better.

Reviewer Score: 3