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甜蜜十六歲 (1985)
Sweet Sixteen

Reviewed by: honloo
Date: 12/24/2002
Summary: Very Pretty School Student - Cindy Phan

The name of the movie - sweet sixteen is made popular by a Hong Kong Singer, Lui Fong.

The movie is successful because there is one very pretty girl in the movie. She is known as Cindy Phan in the movie, a celebrated beautiful sports girl with extreme talent and has lots of friends, or should I say admirer.

Cindy is considered to be big sister in the school and often play trick against other nerd students. Because she's beautiful and have lots of body guards, she always get what she wants.

One day, a new comer came and Cindy threw a ball towards her to make her fall, but she hit the ball away. This makes Cindy angry as no one gets into her way.

Cindy made a few tricks against her, but she teamed up and other nerds and put fantasy drugs into Cindy's drink during the school porm and Cindy got a slap from the head mistress.

Now, these nerds want to Challenge Cindy in sports. But, everyone in school loves Cindy, including the sports lecturer.

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

The only thing worse than one of Raymond Wong's lame teenage-girlcomedies is a cheap imitation of one of those comedies, which is exactly what this movie is. A poor excuse to show a bunch of unknown little girls prancing around. Not funny.