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衛斯理傳奇 (1987)
The Legend of Wisely

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 08/18/2006
Summary: monks, thieves, triads and aliens?

'the legend of wisely' came out on the same day as 'armour of god' and had a theatrical run, that lasted only a week less. both have a similar feel, but 'the legend of wisely' has more of a fantasy element, isn't as good and has sam hui (playing wisely) instead of jackie. that isn't to say that it isn't good though; who doesn't want to see hong kong, nepal and egypt hosting battles between monks and triads?

david (teddy robin, also the director) tricks wisely into helping him steal the mysterious and magical dragon pearl from a group of monks. david then dumps wisely and runs off to the triads with the pearl, before being taken by the mysterious howard hope (bruce baron). luckily wisely doesn't bear a grudge and teams up with sue (joey wong) to go rescue, both david and the dragon pearl...

this is pretty enjoyable stuff, just the right mixture of silliness, action, fantasy and running around exotic locations. the action is pretty good and i really quite enjoy the hokey special effects of mid-eighties hong kong.

a good, fun film...

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/14/2002
Summary: More Wisley

The Legend Of Wisely is another Wisely story true enough (in case you don’t know, Wisely is Hong Kong’s answer to Indiana Jones, and is a character that has appeared in countless HK movies – most famously known when Jackie Chan played him in ‘Armour Of God’), but this is probably the worst one about the adventurer. Though Sam Hui does suit the part – unfortunately his onscreen presence is annoying, but then again, he did loose my respect as an actor a long time ago.

Wisely is in search of a giant pearl that his friend was looking for before he died. He suspects his friend was killed because of the pearl. He meets a man along the way who also has an interest in the pearl, and when he finds out where it is, he goes into a temple acting as a monk, which leads to trouble. The rest of the film is really no more than Wisely running around getting into trouble and meeting new people along the way (Ti Lung and Joey Wong). No particularly good stunts either from the likes of Blacky Ko whom clearly did a lot of Sam’s stunts.

Both directing and production is nothing special, as is the story. Sam Hui is far too annoying for me to comment positively on his performance, so I won’t say anything. Both Joey Wong & Di Lung are not on the screen long enough to comment on them either. The film drags a lot, as there are a lot of ‘nothing happening’ scenes which almost look like filler for a movie that really lasts little over an hour.

Overall, it is dull a lot of the time, as Sam Hui seems to be all “hey look, it’s me it’s me”, but not a bad little fun film I suppose. It does get better towards the end. Still, when I watched this recently it was the first time I think I had ever seen it, though I may be wrong, but it’s hard to remember with all the Wisely films around.

Rating [2/5]

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/25/2001
Summary: Pretty good

This is the hong kong version of Indiana Jones!!
When i watched this, i wasn't in a good mood so i don't think i liked this as much as i should!!
Believe it or not, this is the most enjoying Category 1 action adventure movie i have seen!!
A great movie for the family!!


Reviewed by: hokazak
Date: 12/09/1999

Indiana Jones style supernatural quest adventure in which Sam Hui goes in search of a magical Buddhist pearl - with the help of Joey Wong. Thing is, there are lots of bad guys also looking out for the pearl, and to complicate things, the item in question ends up being extraterrestrial, in origin...

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

This is a cool action adventure. Sam Hui is an Indiana Jonessort of writer, he ends up on some deal to get this holy relic for this gangster (Ti Lung). Joey is Ti Lung's sister, who has a liking for him... This is circa 85, Joey Wong is cuter than cute in this, looks and performance wise. I think this is the 1st appearance of the trademark, slo mo, from behind, joey flipping her hair back turnaround entrance scene (spoofed quite hilariously in spy games)."

[Reviewed by Anonymous]