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Px (1987)
The Child of Peach

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 02/18/2006
Summary: Funny Momotaro!

This is the Taiwanese version of the famous Japanese legend of Momotarô (Tao Tai-Lang) but actually is more a parody for kids...

As always, Lin Hsiao-Lau is really fantastic as the Peach Kid, who joins Tiny Cock, Tiny Dog, Tiny Monkey and Melon in order to rescue Princess Apple from the Devil King in the Monster Island. The kiddie gags (which include urine, farts, poltergeists by a giant flying peach and so on) are funny and Chiu's stunts and Chak So-Yin's F/X (actually the stars of the movie) are even funnier and plenty of imagination.

Reviewer Score: 7