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不夜天 (1987)
Killer's Nocturne

Reviewed by: Tonic
Date: 02/24/2008

I thought the first part of the movie didn't really draw you in, although it wasn't boring as such. As usual, Pat Ha is gorgeous.

One of the scenes pretty much points to why there isn't a Mandarin dub on the disc too (I'll let you figure that one out).

The kangaroo fight was actually quite surreal, I was trying to figure out if it was real or not (clearly it's not), but it actually added to the proceedings!

Perhaps an early inspiration for God of Gamblers too!?

All I can say about the final reel is 'Wow!', I thought it was truly excellent; brutal and very skillful.

Overall well recommended, with very little filler. Top notch.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Mr. Yen Lieh-San (played sadistically by Alex Man Chi-Leung) is aruthless nightclub owner, who has held a grudge against King Gambler Lo Tien-Peh for eight years, after suffering humiliation and loss at King Lo's hands in a mah-jong game and running away to Japan. But he returns to gain his pride and swears revenge against King Lo. He challenges and beats him in a game of mah-jong, and cripples him before sending him running through the window to his death. Meanwhile King Lo's son, Lo-Tzu Feng is wooing Mr. Yen's girlfriend Miss Ying-Chiu just at the same moment his father comes plummeting from the top floor of the nightclub. Eventually after discovering Lo-Tzu Feng's affair with his woman, Mr. Yen decides to kill her off too and sends her head and limbs to Tzu Feng in a box. Sounds like a meaty and exciting movie about gamblers/ criminals but the story is unfolded in such a slow pace that the gratuitous violence is all the more gratuitous. There's a great bloody fight at the end though. Plus, watching Tzu Feng fight a kangaroo(?) is highly amusing

[Reviewed by Jennie Tam]