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新白金龍 (1947)
The New White Golden Dragon

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 06/14/2004

My second encounter with Sit Kok-Sin now (after Love With No Result) and this time I find him more palatable. Maybe it's the pencil moustache making him look a little suave or maybe because I can actually hear the audio in the film this time.

Quite an enjoybable film, Sit Kok-Sin plays Pak Kam-Lung (literally, Platinum Dragon, I believe) a hotelier. The story is set in motion when on a ship returning to Hong Kong, he literally bumps into Yuk (Cheng Mang Ha). Likewise, his servant Sui (Yee Chau-Sui) bumps into her servant (Lam Mui Mui). Upon his return he throws a costumed Christmas party to in hopes of finding Yuk. Celebrants include a gentleman thief (Lau Hark Suen) posing as a banker. As the story unfolds, Pak and Sui switch identities, Pak becomes a hotel attendant and Sui pretends to be a former schoolmate of Yuk's given to drink father. Later, the pair pose as women to penetrate the gangsters' lair to rescue Yuk when she is taken hostage in exchange for her coveted diamond brooch.

A very entertaining romantic comedy, Sit Kok-Sin and Yee Chau-Sui get the best parts, the latter who can always be relied upon for his comedic talents.
Cheng Mang Ha, whom I am not familiar with, is quite attractive doesn't really have much to do.

There's one duet between the two lovers.
Yee Chau-Sui and Lam Mui-Mui also sing a humorous song during the costume party. And Kok and Yee perform a comedic musical piece outside of Yuk's hotel room as they lull her to sleep.
O Danny Boy and Shenandoah(?) are also used as musical cues.

One additional side note that others more knowledgeable may already know, Sit Kok-Sin was the Cantonese opera mentor of Lam Kar Sing another opera star who entered the film world.

Reviewer Score: 7