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rt] (1987)
The Haunted Cop Shop

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 04/09/2007
Summary: "the plot is also pretty plausible" someone on imdb...

macky kim (jackie cheung) and chui man (ricky hui) are a pair of bumbling cops. things start going wrong when sneaky ming (billy lau), a thief that they have just arrested, is bitten by a vampiric ghost. macky and chui are interrogating ming, when he is hit by the rays of the morning sun and turns to dust. Their chief (wu fung), doesn't believe their story and demands that they get proof, along with their new superior, fanny (kitty chan). the trio set out to find the ghost, but soon discover that he is after them...

now, i find it hard to believe that anyone finds those events 'pretty plausible'...

'haunted cop shop' is a prime example of silly hong kong horror fun. it is, indeed, very silly, but it did have me chuckling more than expected. it also has a couple of creepy moments and some pretty nice make-up effects, but mainly silliness. still, that's what i like, and expect, from from such films.

i'm not really sure if it's jeff lau finding his feet, in his directorial debut, or whether wong kar wai (i do love the fact he used to write daft scripts) decided that, after an initial set-up, the films narrative should just move from one encounter with the ghost to the next, with very little filler. either way, it certainly keeps the film running at a swift pace and, with this material, it works well. it also helps that cheung, hui and chan work well together...

just a quick note to say that these are the worst subs, i;ve seen, from the current crop of 'joy sales' re-issues; they move very quickly, are a little clunky on the whole and have quite a few spelling errors thrown in for good measure. bah!

good daft fun...

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 05/10/2006
Summary: 5/10 - watchable

The plot's there in the title, basically... a fairly typical horror-comedy from 80's HK, i.e. it's not remotely scary. Unfortunately it's not particularly funny either, and the plot is basically a series of skits that relies on people acting completely stupidly & illogically to get from one scene on the next. There are a few scenes that are moderately entertaining - a brief fight scene with Chung Faat is the only bit that I'd call really memorable though.

Back in the day I suspect I'd have enjoyed this film a lot more, but maybe I've just seen too many? I found it watchable, but not something I'd be overly inclined to recommend (or to watch again).

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: ABCkid
Date: 04/18/2003
Summary: Always enjoyable

The thing that's best about the HK horror movies in the 80's is combining the horror element to comedy. Though this movie isn't exactly terrifying, it did create several tense moments of suspense. Slapstick is all over in this movie, and it's hilarious as hell. You can't help but laugh at what Macky Kim(Jackie Cheung) and Mang-chiu(Ricky Hui) encounters in the movie. Their chemistry is excellent. This movie is definitely enjoyable from time to time.

Reviewed by: S.A. Winters
Date: 11/15/2002
Summary: Scary..Funny...Funny...Scary

After watching so many HK movies on 5th generation vhs tapes, you have no idea what a pleasure it is to see everything coming out on dvd now.The Haunted Cop Shop has to be one of the best prints I have ever come across. So crisp! If it wasn't for those 80's hair cuts I swear it was made yesterday!
Also, I've been waiting to see this movie for years and after viewing the wicked boring The Wicked Ghost, THCS exceeded expectations.
Super quick synopsis:Jackie Cheung and Ricky Hui are goofy cops who have to deal with vampires running amok through the police station. Some of the many pleasant surprises is Jackie doesn't mug for the camera like a clown. The movie does a great job shifting between the humor and the horror. The 2 cops have to deal with not only the bloodsuckers but a hard ass ( and beautiful) Madam as well, and there is a great demon thrown in for good measure. All around a great flick.
One more thing, if you are familiar with the review book Asian Cult Cinema, the author gives this movie 1 1/2 stars which is ludicrous. DON'T LET THIS ONE PASS YOU BY!

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

When wisecracking cops Ricky Hui and Jacky Cheung accidentallykill a prisoner who has turned into a vampire they set out to prove to disbelieving colleagues that there are indeed vampires, and end up battling the head vampire. The movie combines grusome horror, slapstick humor, and true suspense as only a Hong Kong film can. Lots of fun from then little-known screenwriters Jeff Lau and Wong Kar-Wai.