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三人世界 (1988)
Heart to Hearts

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 07/14/2005
Summary: Charming romantic comedy

A man gets downright dumped by his girlfriend, leaving him nothing but the toilet seat. A young girl in his choir class keeps annoying him, and her mom is very protective of her. They eventually clash but get to know each other. Then the girlfriend tries to come back....
Typical stuff, no? Maybe so, but in the hands of Stephen Shin and a great cast it turns into a very likeable romantic comedy. The script goes in the same direction in the end, but it's still well-written and has some great scenes and moments. George Lam is kind a jerk (thanks to his girlfriend), but becomes more likeable later. Carol Cheng was great as the mom, and she's always fun to watch. And Vivian Chow is so cute in her first movie! And the theme song is so catchy. It's a pleasant Hong Kong film to watch at any time of the day.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/17/2002
Summary: Very good

Heart Into Hearts, is another ‘80s romance comedy’ yes, but a funny and nice little film all the same, as it brings drama into it too. There is nothing new or special about it, but it is well worth watching. For Do Do Chengs & George Lams usual high standard in comedy if nothing else. Stephen Shin over the years has come up with some good solid films, and although nothing like some of his best films, this is good and certainly worth watching.

George Lam plays a music producer caught up in love and confusion by two women. He has been with Rosamund Kwan for several years, and one day she has enough of him and leaves him without any real reason. Carol Cheng is a very misfortunate woman who is always having problems, and meets Alex (George Lam) through her daughter who sings for him, though she suspects her daughter to be seeing Alex. After the misunderstanding, they soon start seeing each other socially and built a relationship. This displeases Rosamund when she realises the mistake she made, which leaves Alex with an important decision to choose who he really loves. It’s obvious too who he chooses, if nothing else because of the same person who is in the next two movies after this (Heart Into Hearts, and Heart Against Hearts).

Carol Cheng is also acting as a responsible mother who is overprotective of her daughter, and she makes a very convincing job of it.

Another note about this film if you watch it, this is the first movie Vivian Chow appeared in, and it is obvious by her performance why she went on to be a popular star in Hong Kong, even though she was only 20 at the time. Some funny cameo appearances too including Yuen Wo Ping, Lawrence Cheng, just to name a few. The movie did very well at the time too, and was one of the highlights of both Cheng & Lams careers. Light hearted romace/comedy, recommended.

Rating: 4/5

(This rating is based on the genre & year of release; it’s not being compared to movies made before or after this time.)

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

A typical George Lam romantic comedy, with its only distinctionbeing that it introduced Vivian Chow (a major blow to cinema everywhere). Nice guy Alex is depressed when his beautiful live-in girlfriend of three years (Rosamund Kwan) decides she wants to live by herself. To occupy his time, he starts teaching a high school music class, but he has to deal with trouble maker Vivian Chow and her overprotective mom (DoDo Cheng, looking extremely frumpy). Of course, Alex soon sees the inner beauty of the domestic maiden, and starts changing his bachelor ways. But just as he finds happiness, his ex-girlfriend decides she wants him back. Surprisingly, this movie was very popular when it was released and was folowed by a couple of sequels.