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飛越黃昏 (1989)
Beyond the Sunset

Reviewed by: ButterflyMurders
Date: 06/06/2002
Summary: Wow, a film with Richard Ng and Fung Bo Bo

Again, wow. Richard Ng and Fung Bo Bo, in the same film. Two great actors. Pity the film itself is a bit of a disappointment.

Sure, you have to give this film some credit for focusing on older people and for celebrating life. However, the film's portrayal of its material is too sentimental for my liking, especially towards the end. The penultimate is when Richard Ng's characters almost martyrs himself by participating in a marathon swim...basically because he was told off by a kid?!

Another complaint I have about this film is that they could have done so much more with the characters. They wisely chose not to populate their story with too many characters. You would think that they would explore the characters more, but they choose to leave them shallow and ultimately unsatisfying. For example-Richard Ng is the saint, the American kid is, well, typically American (loud, brash, overconfident) and annoying, and while Fung Bo Bo's character promises to be the most interesting character, the makers of the film brush over her sorrows and worries, leaving her with the depth of a gold pan.

On the bright side, Richard Ng is fantastic and shows he is equally talented as a serious drama actor. Overall this is mildly entertaining viewing. 5/10

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/06/2002
Summary: Original concept

Unlike movies concentrating on young life, this film shows the otherside of the scale. Growing old.

Bobo plays a women is has kept anger built up inside her ever since her daughter moved to America,and when her daughter comes to HK ('Pearl' played by Cecilia Yip), May (played by Bobo) has mixed feelings about her. Although she is pleased to see her daughter, and grand-daughter who she has never seen, she still feels angry more to her son-in-law for keeping her away for so long.

Over the years, May has met a man who she has built a good reationship with (played by Richard Ng) and has helped her enjoy life.

It is a drama, and slightly boring at times, but it is another serious look at life, which is rare in HK cinema.


Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer Score: 7