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漫畫奇俠 (1990)
A Tale from the East

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/13/2002
Summary: Great cast fails to make great movie

How could you go wrong with a cast like this ? There were a bunch of these warrior-from-the-past-in-modern-HK films made around 1990. The best were Terracotta Warrior, closely followed by Eternal Conflict, and further away was Iceman Cometh. At the other end of the scale is Tale From The East.

This film never gels. There's Billy Lau being his usual mouth-open-wide wanker, Joey being silly and surprisingly unglamorous, Hard and Soft Master bouncing off each other but no-one else, and a ton of cameos. David Ng plays it strong and mostly silent, and seems to weigh the whole film down. There are some quite diverting action scenes, but they come off more silly than impressive.

For a long time, I avoided this film, believing it was an alternate title for A Chinese Legend, another Joey film. Having now seen it, I rather wish I'd continued to believe, and continued to avoid.

Reviewer Score: 2