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沙灘仔與周師奶 (1991)
The Royal Scoundrel

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Tony Leung (Beach Boy) and Ng Man-Tat (Mrs. Chow, because he'sparent to seven children) are CID agents. While stationed inside a mailbox, Tony gets to watch Ah Yuk (Wu Chien-Lien) and her sorry life with her abusive stepfather in the drug store they are investigating. After her stepfather is caught with stolen credit cards and killed, Ah Yuk is homeless so obviously Beach Boy takes her into his own home and the relationship forms. Throw in Waise Lee, a scum cop who gets Beach Boy and Mrs. Chow unknowingly involved in a scam for him to get rich and you've got your romantic/ comedy/ action/ drama. The stronger part of this movie is the relationship between Beach Boy and Ah Yuk. Chien Lien has the characteristics of innocence to duel with Tony's portrayal of a man trying to mask his vulnerability with a macho facade. It's very enjoyable to watch them work off each other. With a few humorous shots asides, such as Tony running in the streets with a stuffed toy turtle, this one makes for a good Sunday afternoon viewing.

[Reviewed by Jennie Tam]