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大迷信 (1992)
The Supernormal

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 06/20/2010
Summary: so there is a rumor that the big busts women are more lucky...

according to the back of the dvd;

"This is a real story...... It is all about Li Chu Ming, spiritual and ghost expert seeking for the truth on Fox spirit. In 1991, he personally visited Chen, fox spirit study expert, learned about there were 60 fox spirits exist in the world, and some of them are evils to the world. The investigation includes: the strange deaths of residents in Hong Kong; fox image appears on the tree; the secret of the touching between Su Dong Po and deities, and the secret of Wong Tai Sin becoming deity, and so on......"

edward lee mooches around hong kong, macau, china and taiwan, discussing fox spirits, spiritualists, ghost and other nonsense. and, nonsense it is. the only hint of genuine magic here, was me wondering what kind of trickery had led me to buy this dvd. i have no recollection of deciding that it would be a good idea to purchase such a thing.

the high point was a section where they discussed how amy yip's fame meant that people thought big breasts meant good luck, which was followed by part of a boob job operation and discussions with various spiritualists about whether they though miss yip's ample chest was real or fake.

a bit crappy...