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西藏小子 (1992)
A Kid from Tibet

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/28/2007
Summary: So-So

On the plus side, beautiful photography and some good action sequences, especially the climactic swordfight. Yuen Wah is effective as the villain, essentially replaying his role a few months earlier in Kung_Fu_Vs_Acrobatic, but without the humour. And the party scene, where Biao is asked to show off his magic and the villains sister makes a fool of him is hilarious.

But not a very impressive directorial debut for Yuen Biao. The story wanders all over the place, and Biao can't seem to decide just what sort of character the young lama is. Goofy but virtuous fool ? Irresponsible innocent abroad ? Righteous protector ? The lama manages to annoy the hell out of Comrade Chiu, yet still hold her friendship.

He's never been out of the monastery, yet can speak perfect Cantonese and, despite understandable naivete, is in many ways quite worldly. A lot of his antics and even his style seem to be pinched from Norman Wisdom's old pictures. There's often long stretches between action scenes, and not a lot to hold the attention in between except the lovely scenery.

Overall : so-so.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 11/16/2002
Summary: Poor

Pretty dull.


Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 05/27/2001
Summary: OK - had me worried at first though

THE KID FROM TIBET - Yuen Biao's only directorial effort. Very reminiscent of THE ICEMAN COMETH, but not as good. Biao stars as a tibetan monk who has acquired supernatural powers through his training, who goes to Hong Kong to recover an ancient Tibetan artefact. His contact is Michelle Reis, looking lovely. They argue and bicker and have endless comedic confusions... oh gosh, I wonder if they'll fall in love with each other. I was put off at first by what I took to be Yuen Biao's beliefs as to the virtues of buddhism... basically that it allows the monks to perform parlour trick style magic tricks. Eventually it clicked that it was just a fantasy film, and he wasn't trying to push this as a serious belief, and I began to enjoy the film more. Most of the film is comedic romance, which is a little bit crude and predictable. Theres not a lot of action, but when Biao faces off with Yuen Wah the result is as usual most enjoyable. Overall, not a great film, but OK.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: RLM
Date: 05/11/2001
Summary: Great movie

This movie is better than Iceman Cometh in my opinion. The martial arts scenes are thrilling and the story line is worth watching. All who watched it in our group (including 3 women) gave it a thumbs up. Watch for the sister of the main villan kicking serious butt and looking good in black leather while doing it. Her stunts are incredible. The movie never drags in pace and the slapstick is light-hearted.

Reviewed by: leh
Date: 12/09/1999

Yuen Biao plays a monk who knows very little about modern day life, and Michelle Lee is a sophisticated Hong Kong woman; most of the comedy parts probably wrote themselves! This movie was the first from Yuen's own production company, and it's very good: excellent martial arts (of course) and a good script, plus some interesting location footage.

Reviewed by: hokazak
Date: 12/09/1999

Yuen Biao is a young Tibetan lama who is sent on a mission toH.K. to recover a powerful magic treasure item that has been stolen from his temple. Corey Yuen is the bad guy who, along with his beautiful evil sister, is trying to appropriate the treasure and its power for his own ends. Michelle Lee is an assistant to the lawyer who is trying to get the papers signed to have the item restored to its rightful owner - the temple. Needless to say, she gets caught in the middle of all the action, and ends up hanging out a lot with Yuen Biao, who is naive and ignorant of the ways of modern life in H.K., but has magic powers and great kung fu skills to compensate (and he's virtuous.) A not bad, not great comedy pretty much in the vein of the superior "Iceman Cometh."