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我來自北京 (1992)
The Girls From China

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/19/2001
Summary: Awful

Pauline Chan fans, be warned ! Yes, the cover and posters feature Pauline and Isabelle equally, and in provocative poses with minimal clothing.

Completely misleading. TGFC is an Isabelle Chow vanity vehicle, in which Pauline is, at best, a guest star.

Nudity ? Very little. Chow appears topless a few times, and Pauline in one brief scene. There is a brief shot near the end in which Isa might have flashed something more, but it's hard to tell. The sex scenes are quite strong but show nothing. Therefore, I contend this film could safely be re-graded as Cat IIB.

Story ? Made-up-as-they-went-along. Dramatically shifts pace several times, but never manages to become interesting. Even to describe it as episodic would be an overstatment.

If you're an ardent fan of Isa Chow, you may enjoy this film, as she is in nearly every frame, and she does look lovely. Anyone else, give it a miss.

Reviewer Score: 2