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哎也女朋友 (1992)
False Lady

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 07/18/2010
Summary: Not so bad

This film from 1992 is a CAT III film that is all over the place on so many levels. It wasn't what I expected and is certainly no run-of-the-mill CAT III skin flick.
I found it to be a pleasant 90 minutes viewing but somewhat strange at the same time. To be frank I don't think this film needed to be CAT III with the nudity, the story was good enough (though not fully developed) to be an interesting comedy in my opinion. The acting was on the whole fine though not outstanding and the comedy was of a so-so sort. It was a little disappointing in that it could have easily been much funnier, particularly in the male spirit in a female body story line. Whereas it went CAT III in places for cheap laughs (or whatever), it didn't really need to. Examples being a shower scene for no real reason, the man in a woman's body checking his (her) privates a little too often just to make sure he is in a woman's body and a few other examples, you get the imagery I am sure. The comedy is a bit stop/start in places which is disappointing because I feel that with a little more work this film could have made it as a comedy without the periodic nudity. In fact the nude scenes feel a bit out of place and not that necessary to the story's development. I got the impression that the director thought "oh it has been X minutes since the last nude scene, time for the next".
The film is a little over long and the story definitely runs out of breath before the 90 minutes, it then descends (unfortunately) into typical CAT III material to get to the 90 minute mark.
Overall there is a lot to recommend about False Lady and it is worth a viewing but with some reservations and disappointment in regards to what it could have been. Watch it and laugh, a little at least.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/23/2002
Summary: Enjoyable and non-violent

This pleasant nonsense joins a very short list of HK soft porns which contains absolutely no blood and gore. Curiously, another film in this category contains three of the same actors - the charming Unforgetful Holiday.

There is much to like about this film. There is a light and mostly friendly tone, with a bunch of very likeable actors, particularly the always-charming Lee Chung Ling. The only odd note is a scene which shows actual footage of breast enlargement surgery.

There's plenty of generous full frontal nudity and sex scenes. The too-rarely seen Goo Git gets several full frontal scenes, including a pleasant shower scene. An unknown actress with huge boobs has a couple of full nude sex scenes with Charlie Cho, and includes a swan dive into wet cement. And you have to wait right until the end, but it's worth it, to see what's under the luscious Chan Wing Chi's knickers.

I think I've seen all of Wing Chi's films, and I've never seen her enjoy herself so much. She has a ripping good time playing the man put into a woman's body and trying to make he best of it.

Much of the proceedings range from enjoyable to delightful, and a lot of the story is a buddy flick, concentrating on the relationship between good friends John and Ah Man, now Mandy, and a bit off to the side, Ah Man's girlfriend GiGi.

The last 20 minutes or so drag a little, as the story runs out of puff, and this is only partly remedied by the long ending sex scene between Michael Tiu and Wing Chi.

The story partly a take on one of my all-time favourite American films, Here Comes Mr Jordan (1935), and was probably picking up on the switch comedies which were numerous in the early 90s.

Warmly recommended.

Reviewer Score: 8