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kǫs2 (1992)
Fight Back to School II

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 06/30/2007
Summary: there's still plenty of comedy

After having a major box office success, director Gordon Chan re-unites with Stephen Chow to try and capture more wealth and fame with Fight Back to School II. In the third act, director Chan infuses a bit more of the police action scenes he would become famous for later on in his career with The Final Option (1994), though there's still plenty of comedy to be had in the first hour.

Chow teams up with his pal, Ng Man-Tat, to stop some evil terrorists from blowing up some kids at an "international" school. His fiancée, played by the exceptional beauty Cheung Man, is reduced to a small supporting role. In her place, the filmmaker's use young and pretty Athena Chu to play the forbidden fruit for Chow's older, lustful character. The two films together would make a great double-feature.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis
Date: 02/23/2004
Summary: The Return of Chow Sing Sing and the TAT-WAH-NATOR

Stephen Chow reprises the role of Chow Sing Sing with his buddy Ah Tat (played by Ng Man Tat) and Cheung Man in the sequel to the 1991 smash 'Fight Back To School'.

This film follows what happened at the end of the first movie, where Chow Sing Sing is hoping to be promoted to Chief Superindt. or Chief Inspector. After an uncompromising interview with the Police Madam, Sing is demoted to traffic duty, where as Tat is promoted to RCU due to the fact that the Madam finds him attractive. Terrorists have arrived in Hong Kong to blow up one the International schools, Sing is given no option but to quit the force, postpone his wedding with his fiance and go undercover with his friends from the first movie to prove he is number 1 in the SPU unit.

I found this movie more hillarious than the original (which also is a good movie). The gags are fast and snappy as is the dialogue in the scenes between Chow and Ng Man Tat. Tat is definitely side-splitting in this movie, we get to see the duo parody American wrestling during an interrogation of a pimp (the guy who plays 'Darkie' in 'Young and Dangerous 2') and probably the funniest scene in the film: Tat comes to the rescue dressed in black bikerwear with a 12-gage shotgun and shades as 'The Terminator'. This bit in the movie had me in creases (especially when he gives up).

Overall, this installment is definitely worth viewing as is the original but i reckon this installment was better.


Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/12/2002
Summary: VERY GOOD

I found this one a lot more enjoyable than the original, if for nothing more than just the story alone. Much much more funny though.

Rating (out of 5): 4

(This rating is based on the year & genre, so don't think it's based as a comparison on new releases etc.)

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 08/08/2001
Summary: Umm...............

Not as good as the other 2 parts. Though in some parts you will find it funny, but for the most part it doesn't live up to the high expectations you would have of any Chow Sing Chi movie!!


Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: spanishninja
Date: 06/11/2001
Summary: Not as good as first one, but that's fine

One shouldn't even try to compare this one with the original Fight Back to School. Although the production values have been upped somewhat this time, the quality of the movie is definitely not up to par with the first one. Of course, this doesn't mean that FBTS II isn't a good movie; it just isn't a great one, that's all.

After his commendable performance in the first movie, police officer Star (Stephen Chow) was supposed to be promoted. However, after pissing off Deanna Yip (very cool "old" actress), he is reduced to traffic duty (that initial scene is the best part of the movie, complete with upbeat background music). As this is happening, his bumbling partner, Ng Man Tat, instead gets to transfer to the high-level special cases unit of the force as a detective. The plot of this movie centers around the case of a group of terrorists about to attempt a bombing of an international school where many children of ambassadors and diplomats are enrolled. Deciding to quit his dead-end post at the traffic department, Star infiltrates the school as (again) an undercover student, this time having to pay for the tuition out of his own pocket (using money saved up for his planned wedding with Miss Ho, again played by Cheung Man). At this point, hilarity insues, especially upon discovering that Tat is also undercover at the school -- as the guidance counselor, "Mr. Bond"!

This movie follows much of the same formula used for the original Fight Back to School, with elements such as "mo lei tau" humor, an action-packed finale, and even some Star's school buddies from the previous movie (Gabriel Wong included)! The performances are all pretty good, although the role of Miss Ho has apparently not been improved yet. Chow and Ng Man Tat still take the blunt of the load, while supporting characters fill out the rest. Barry Wong's role as the hard-ass superior to Star is now played by the aforementioned Deanne Yip, who is pretty funny here. Pop star and actress Athena Chu also gives a decent performance.

On a side note, imagine a movie like this being made today in America! It just wouldn't get past the MPAA, with all the references to school bombings and shootings. Nevertheless, this is good solid entertainment. Rating = 8.5/10

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Yellow Hammer
Date: 05/10/2001

Chow Sing Sing (Stephen Chow) returns in the follow-up to the blockbuster movie Fight Back to School. He quits the police force over getting a petty assignment and uses his own money to enroll at an International school where it is suspected that there is terrorist activities. Cheung Man returns as Miss Ho and Ng Man-Tat this time is undercover as the headmaster of the school. Also stars the lovely Athena Chu as a student at the school who falls for Sing Sing. Almost as good as the first movie. I could watch this movie time after time as well...

Reviewed by: MadMonkey
Date: 12/09/1999

Chow voluntarily goes back undercover to try to restore his good name after mouthing off to the chief of the HK Police. Almost as good as the original!

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

For their work in solving the crime from the previous movie,Cho is promoted to the Special Crimes unit, while Sing, due to his irreverent attitude, is demoted to being a traffic cop. Cho gets an assignment working undercover at the International School to investigate terrorist activity. Concerned for Cho's safety, Sing quits his job and sneaks into the school posing as a student. Complicating the case is one of Cho's colleagues on the police force, Mark, who tries to sabotage Cho because of his own thirst for glory and recognition. Sing discovers a suspicious map, and determines correctly that the terrorists will act on Christmas Eve. When Mark's forces are defeated, it is up to Sing and Cho to lead the SWAT team to victory. Impressed, Sing's superior promotes Sing back onto the Police Force.

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