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塘西風月痕 (1992)
Angel Delight

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/17/2000
Summary: Just watchable

This film should have been a total joy. The producers had a quartet of HK's loveliest B-grade actresses - Rena Otomo, Tsang Siu Yin, Yu Chi Wai and Chun Hung. Rena and Chun spend much screen time sans clothing, as do a few other uncredited girls.
But that's the end of the good news. Yet again, the adorale Tsang Siu Yin spends far too little time onscreen and, unless I blinked at the wrong time, did not even appear topless.
Also, like many cheap pornos, the script must have been written as filming progressed, as it is a complete jumble. Too much time is spent focusing on the old men and their silly boasting.

A note about the cast rankings. Tsang Siu Yin is actually given top billing, but this is an ensemble production. I have ranked Rena at the top because she is on screen for significantly more time than any other actor.

Overall - pleasant and frequent nudity, but very silly and muddled story, with a depressing ending.

Reviewer Score: 5