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賭城大亨II之至尊無敵 (1992)
Casino Tycoon II

Reviewed by: Yellow Hammer
Date: 05/10/2001

The beginning of the movie is not subtitled. Basically it explains what happened in Part I, in the 1940's Ho Hsin (Andy Lau) and Nan (Alex Man) came over to Macau. In the 60's Hsin agreed with the Portugese government on a lease to build casinos. In 1970, his first casino was built. Later on, 6 more casinos and 10 halls were built, all under his company. Meanwhile, his first love (Joey Wang) has moved on with her son overseas. During this time, Hsin became the Casino Tycoon, Director of his company, while Nieh Ao-Tien (Lau Siu Ming) became the General Manager. They had frequent disagreements during their tenure, which then forwards 20 years, which leads to the actual beginning of the movie.

A beautiful young actress Ti Yun (Michelle Reis) wants an audience with Hsin, and soon they become more than just good friends. Hsin's crippled wife (Chingmy Yau) actually encourages this relationship. The Ho's two kids Tien Erh and Tien Pao (Taiwanese actress Vivian Chan and Grasshopper member Edmund So) have just come back from Hawaii along with Erh's boyfriend Cheng Chen (another Grasshopper member Remus Choi). Nieh has his relative Ta Tung (yet another Grasshopper member Calvin Choi) accompany him everywhere. The combination of all of these people lead to a tale of greed, power, death, fighting, car chases, vulgar and dirty talk, and even incest. Intertwined in all this is quite a bit of comedy, especially from Hsin's assistant Kao Ming (Hui Siu Hung) and his girlfriend/Hsin's maid Hsien. Typical Wong Jing type of movie.

A watching of the first movie is required in order to get some of the characters straight. Decent movie.

Reviewed by: spinali
Date: 12/08/1999
Summary: NULL

The sequel to Casino Tycoon. Andy Lau owns his casinoand enjoys peace at home, so nothing much happens until half-way through the movie. Lau's crippled wife Chingmy Yau encourages him to pursue a relationship with comely soap star Cheung Man, but scheming casino workers, a trio of greedy blackjack winners, and hints of incest set Lau's nerves jangling. Leaves it open for a sequel, but after the first two, I know better.


[Reviewed by Steve Spinali]

Reviewer Score: 3