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情不自禁II霎時衝動 (1992)
Basic Impulse

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/21/2004
Summary: Amusing and non-violent

In a movie industry where sex and violence go together almost all the time, any non-violent HK porn deserves a mention.

This is pretty much a nonsense comedy about a young woman whose life is turning sour. Then one day, when things can't get any worse, a handsome rich young man literally walks into her life.

But life with this apparent dream boy is rather weird. He's a neat and control freak. Ah well, can you have everything ?

There's plenty of full frontal nudity here and a number of sex scenes. They aren't great, but not too bad either, and the generally jovial tone is most refreshing.

Ivy Leung manages to avoid outright full frontal, though there is one scene where she is almost certainly naked under a negligee.

No matter. The luscious Yip Sin Yi makes up for it, though she waits until 2/3 of the picture before showing the ...... Oddly, she is made to look rather staid much of the time, by wearing glasses and formal clothes. There are a couple of other girls, unnamed, who get naked as well, including a hooker who gets very friendly with Kitty's brother, played by the very likeable Lee Chung Ling.

So, you got HK's most beautiful porn actress (Sin Yi) and most likeable porn actor (Chung Ling), with a cameo by that old campaigner Ho Pak Kwong (in a scene stolen from the Japanese comedy I'm Angry You Idiot) ... and some great dialogue, like Kitty asking her brother "why are you watching me pissing ?"

No classic, but amusing from the pseduo-historical opening (of people who acted impulsively and changed history, including Commissioner Lin, who impulsively attacked British opium traders and indirectly created Hong Kong) to the happy ending.

Reviewer Score: 6