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太子傳說 (1993)
No More Love, No More Death

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 08/29/2007
Summary: no more, please...

prince (jacky cheung) has been raised to kill by his father, tiger (chan yuen); he considers his targets as nothing more than rats and women as objects to be used and not loved. tiger told prince how dragon (michael chan) killed his mother and one day he will need to take revenge, which is why he has been raised as a peerless assassin.

when prince gets the news that tiger is in town, he sets out to kill him, along with his assistant, jing jing (carina lau), but fails when he sees chen (rosamund kwan), the mysterious woman who has haunted his dreams since childhood. despite this distraction, prince goes after tiger again, whilst attempting to woo chen...

well, discovering that this is a, herman yau assisted prequel, to taylor wong's 'with or without you', which i assume is what you see during the end credits, probably explains a lot about its quality. it's a bit of a mess. and, a bit ridiculous.

this is a strange world, where everyone wears strange clothes (usually solid colours), where the police drive vw beetles and everything is lit with yellow, pink or blue lamps. the characterisation is equally strange and the narrative telegraphs its every turn with very little subtlety. jacky cheung doesn't seem to be in his full-on gurn mode, but he's hardly what you would call 'a fine actor'. in terms of performances, you are frequently thankful that rosamund kwan graces the screen, so a little loveliness present.

the action is pretty straight forward and uninspiring. this is by no means a good film, but it is curious enough to keep you entertained.

Reviewed by: hokazak
Date: 12/09/1999

Jacky Cheung is a hitman out for revenge, in this prequel to "With orWithout You"...