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男與女 (1993)
The Love That Is Wrong

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/06/2001
Summary: Much nudity but little sense

I'm with Brian on this one. Half a dozen quite lovely young girls get all their gear off (Ellen not included, unfortunately !), none are well known, and all but one are not even credited GRRRRR. They seem to be covered by the attribution of Playboy as a sponsor.

Slabs of sex and full frontal near the beginning and the end with some in the middle. Pleasant but not really exciting. The plot has Ellen Chan playing a Japanese advertising executive who starts out as a full lesbian, mutates into a psychotic multiple murderer, experiments with hetero and, eventually, indulges in the ultimate in self-criticism for her sins. The other characters float around in uncertainty, with Ellen being the only one with any sense of continuity (not that it's very much).

Not a bad timewaster.

Reviewer Score: 4