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ʧT۪ (1993)
Lan Kwai Fong Swingers

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/24/2002
Summary: Enjoyable

The opening scene features mourning and dark images. A large funeral is being held for people killed on New Years Eve. And some of the main characters are indeed among the victims in the final few minutes.

But in between, this film is mostly great fun and happy in tone. The plot is mostly the usual muddled-headed episodic nonsense, but this seems to work in the film's favour.

There are copious amounts of nudity in and out of the sex scenes. The full frontal nudity is provided by three women - Chang Yuk Yue, Rena Otomo and an unknown actress who plays Kwai's very youthful mother. The luscious Chang and Rena spend more than half their onscreen time in at least some state of undress, and give generous amounts of full exposure.

A large part of the second half is taken up by the gang making X-rated films starring themselves. Their clowning around, leading to bouts of frustration by the director, and jibes they make about the porn industry, are a joy to watch. This very long scene manages to be fun, funny and sexy. I can't recall any other Cat III film in HK which has succeeded in getting all three into one movie, let alone the same scene. And if you ever wondered what guys do for most of those sex scenes, the answer is shown here, and it involves the use of protective electrical tape. Ouch !

A sex or nude scene starts on average about every five minutes, and goes on for quite awhile. A great example for many other Cat III films, who are often very light-on for nudity.

The major disappointment is that the loveliest woman in the movie, Lily Lee, doesn't even take her top off.

The characters, though not particularly engaging (especially the wooden Chu), are enjoyable to watch as a group. Most of the story is basically about a gang who loves each other's company and mostly have fun together.

This film is full of little bonuses for someone like me. For instances, this is the only film where I've seen two of my favourite old reprobates appear together. Hung Fung and Gam Biu always seem to play sleazy old men, and they can be hard to tell apart. Always fun to watch.

I'm not saying this is a classic, or perhaps even a great film. But it is mostly very enjoyable and quite sexy. Recommended.

Reviewer Score: 7