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香港也瘋狂 (1993)
Crazy Hong Kong

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 10/27/2005
Summary: Only for die-hard fans of N!Xau.

I laughed a lot with the South African movies of N!Xau, but I think he lacks of "liveliness" when he is not directed by Jamie Uys. This movie was the first without Uys ("Crazy Safari" was supervised by Uys) and N!Xau seems so lost in the movie as in the Colony itself. He plays himself again in this story of a chinese advertising team which goes to the African Kalahari to shot a spot for TV and somehow our favorite bushman accompanies them to Hong Kong, where he will know the odd chinese habits and customs and will clown around as his fans expect. The movie is mediocre, the gags are mediocre and the exaggerated performances of the chinese stars are mediocre, too.

Reviewer Score: 3