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烏鼠機密檔案 (1993)
Run and Kill

Reviewed by: Chungking_Cash
Date: 08/03/2008

A portly cuckold (Kent Cheng) drowns his sorrows at a red light district pub following the discovery of his wife's infidelity and just before passing out in an alley inadvertently hires a triad to slay her for two-hundred thousand dollars.

Following the adulteress's brutal murder the triads come to settle the bill and when it can't be paid burn the guilt-ridden widower's gas station to the ground.

After fleeing to his home town in southern China a former North Vietnamese soldier attempts to intervene but eventually dies as a result of torture inflicted by tailing triads.

Escaping back to Hong Kong the once jovial family man is now the obsession of the soldier's grief-stricken brother (Simon Yam) -- an NVA equivalent of John Rambo -- who holds him [Cheng] culpable for his brother's death.

The highly publicized climax in "Run and Kill" should offend pretty much everyone and yet is executed in such an over-the-top manner by director Billy Tang you may find yourself choking on your giggles.

Certainly not for the easily rattled who will probably wish that after walking in on his wife and her lover Kent Cheng would have asked for a ménage à trois instead of going to the pub that night.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 05/24/2006
Summary: you ever have one of those weeks...

(full plot spoilers ahead)

first you catch your wife sleeping with the shop keeper, on your anniversary, no less! then you get drunk with a young lady who sees your money and takes it upon herself to hire a killer to teach your wife a lesson; in your drunken state you mumble what the killer thinks is an agreement and then you pass out. the next morning, you stumble home, find your wife in bed with the shopkeeper and then, all of a sudden, two blade weilding maniacs break down your front door, kill the shopkeeper and your wife and knock you unconscious.

when you come round, the police give you some shit, before letting you go, at which point a gangland leader informs you that he's very pissed off that you got the police involved, but you're not quite sure what's going on, because you'd been so drunk the night before: then you're informed that you owe $800,000 for the killing. things aren't really going your way...

you don't know what to do, but wake yup the next morning and find that they're pretty serious about getting the money, so serious that by the end of the day they've burnt your shop to the ground. now seems like a good time to lay low, so you mooch up to your house in the mainland, only to find your neighbour and his gang, led by his psychopathic brother, squatting there. luckily, the neighbour says he'll help you out of your trouble back home; a silver lining?

unfortunately not, the attempt to rough up the gangland boss goes horribly wrong and you end up as his captive in a refugee camp; at least you're not your neighbour though, he's supspended from the ceiling with a bamboo pipe rammed in his knee and the blood draining steadily from him. luckily, in a way, the psycho-brother turns up, kills everyone and enlists you to carry his ailing brother back to his hideout. unfortunately the brother dies in your arms, but luckily you manage to fall down a big hill before the psycho can cut you limb from limb.

you get picked up by the police, but then the psycho-brother takes your mother and daughter hostage. the police try and bargain with him, but he throws your mother out of a window and she plummets to her death. now the police are more than happy to hand you over to the psycho in an attempt to get your daughter released; unfortunately they make a blunder and he escapes with both you and your daughter.

things get worse when you get to his hideout and he ties the two of you up; then sets fire to your daughter who burns to death in front of you; leaving only a small charred corpse. the next morning, after not much sleep, the psycho decides that it's your turn to burn. fuelled by anger and fear you manage to break free before you burn and manage to escape, small charred corpse in tow. unfortunately, your not being too careful and you knock the head off the corpse as your running along a corridor.

now you're really pissed off. you catch a couple of lucky breaks though and eventually, you manage to blow up the psycho brother with a gas cannister that you've stumbled across; what a stroke of luck! it's just a shame that you're now alone and in a state of mental psychosis as a result of this string of bad luck...

(spoilers ended)

poor kent cheng does an admiral job as the extremely unlucky fatty cheung, simon yam is a little scary as the psycho-killer and danny lee shows his face for a couple of minutes as an ineffective policeman. billy tang has crafted a nasty little catIII film that doesn't pull and punches, but strays into the realms of sillyness on more than one occassion. an entertaining bit of exploitation, although not to everyone's taste...

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 12/26/2005
Summary: graphic, brutally violent film.

In the wake of the box office success of Dr. Lamb, The Untold Story and similar films, director Billy Tang reunites with stars Danny Lee, Simon Yam and Kent Cheng to make graphic, brutally violent film. Like its predecessors, this one is supposed to be based on an actual headline news story. I don't think you could make this one up if you tried. If you can look beneath the murky surface, there is pre-Handover anti-Mainland subtext that can be read from the structure of film. What makes this film good is that all these horrible events are portrayed with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

More disturbing to look at than usual is Kent Cheng, cast as good natured, hard-working guy who catches his wife cheating on him. Emotionally distraught, he gets in a pitiful, drunken stupor and "arranges" for his wife to be murdered. Sober, this would be the last thing this guy would do. Circumstances spiral out of control in an unbelievable fashion until Simon Yam shows up as the insane "mad dog" killer. Once Yam appears, things' ratchet up to new levels of sick, twisted violence. Tang turns the two actors loose and they don't disappoint with their over the top performances while Danny Lee is hardly in the film.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/17/2005

A businessman (Kent Cheng) catches his wife boffing the neighbor, so he heads to the local watering hole. In a drunken state, he orders a "hit" on his wife. When he is unable to pay the hitmen, they begin to put the squeeze on him by blowing up his store. Cheng enlists the aid of one of his friends (Melvin Wong), but the gang proves too powerful and kills Wong, which makes his brother (Simon Yam) come for revenge against Cheng.

I've seen quite a number of Category III movies, but very few of them come close to matching the intensity and brutality of this film. While it starts off slowly (unlike most Cat III movies, there's no breasts or blood for the first fifteen minutes or so), Run and Kill builds up to a powerful climax as Cheng turns the tables on his attackers. One sequence has Yam lighting Cheng's daughter on fire (all the while imitating her) and then later Cheng carries around the burnt body. This is definitely not stuff for the squeamish -- I won't even get into how some of the characters are tortured.

Putting the violence aside, what sets Run and Kill apart from many other Cat III movies are the performances of the actors. Of course, Simon Yam -- as always -- gives a great turn as a psychotic killer (and still looks suave even though he is a sleazeball), but it is Kent Cheng's performance that provides the movie's solid anchor. It's some really impressive work that turns something which could easily have turned into comedy or schlock horror into one of Hong Kong's most shocking Cat III movies to date.

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Reviewed by: foleyisgravy
Date: 04/15/2002
Summary: Intense and disturbing thriller

This is a vicious, brutal thriller that is anchored by 2 great performances by Simon Yam and Kent Cheng. I don't want to give the plot away, since I felt this film had a damn good premise that I don't want to spoil for anyone. Needless to say, by the end of the movie you will be on the edge of your seat. This film isn't for everyone and is actually quite depressing. But if you can handle a hard, relentless thriller that isn't for the squeamish, I definitely recommend this movie.

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/05/2002
Summary: TOO MUCH

Way too much violence, which doesn't need to be there. It's because of films like this that censorship was put brought in in 1997 in HongKong, meaning these kind of films could no longer be released. This was just way over the top, and quite sick at times.

Rating: 1/5

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 01/11/2002
Summary: YIKES!!

A extreme movie, and extreme things just happen in this movie.

A drunk guy tells this gal that he wants his wife killed because she is having a affair, and this gal takes him seriously and sets him up with triads. So they go kill her but they want money for the job. Worst comes to worst and another gang gets involved!!

I just couldn't beleive the extreme violence in this movie. Burning alive a little girl and then running around with her charred body is SO STRANGE!!

Watch for Simon Yam, showing he can play a psycho a bit TOO WELL!! KEnt Cheng plays the guy who gets himself into this trouble does his role well.

Extreme violence is the 2 words you'll end up saying about this movie too!!


Reviewed by: leh
Date: 12/09/1999

Cheng plays a man who wants to take revenge on his wife forplaying around, but accidentally goes to far: while drunk, he hires a professional killer who won't take no for an answer. In true film noir fashion, everything he does after that only makes matters worse. Yam and Lee appear in the roles they've specialized in (psycho and cop, respectively). This movies has scenes of violence and terror that are so strong they actually border on comedy, like when Cheng clumsily bumps the head off the burned corpse of his daughter! Whoops!

Reviewed by: spinali
Date: 12/08/1999
Summary: NULL

Fuel salesman Fatty Cheung (Kent Cheng) comes home early on his wedding anniversary only to find his wife with another guy. Cheung goes to a bar, and while, tells a hitman he wants his wife murdered. Bad call. Turns out the hit costs $800,000, putting the (now) widower into a bind. Disturbed Vietnam war vet Simon Yam eventually decides to exact revenge, first by kicking Fatty's frail grandma out of a ten-story window, then burning his nine-year old daughter to a crisp; Fatty carries his child's corpse around with him until the head falls off. Now both guys go psycho. Yam becomes near-invincible like Arnold Schwarzeneggar in Terminator, and Cheung turns into a human box-car.


[Reviewed by Steve Spinali]

Reviewer Score: 5