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等愛的女人 (1994)
Right Here Waiting...

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/01/2000

Meandering but quite pleasant story about four friends, unmarried women over 30, and their efforts to find men. Inevitably, there are scenes of the group encouraging one to be braver, to not go ahead, and occasional (though subdued) cat-fighting. Acting mostly competent. Cec Yip plays her character too harshly, and it's hard to believe her young suitor (Julian Cheung) would pursue her so keenly. In many HK movies, there are actors which are hard to tell apart, except when they appear together. In this movie, it's Cec Yip and Pauline Wong. Having the same hairstyle and hair length, being the same size and shapes (except the hilarious sequence where one wears plastic falsies) and similar faces makes it often difficult to work out who's doing what during the (frequent) viewpoint changes. Fung Bo Bo, as the eldest, gets the least attention, but occasionally influences things from her late-night lonelyhearts advice radio show. Carrie Ng probably does best as the dork with specs that don't suit, but would be quite attractive if she could overcome her shyness. Sometimes funny, sometimes touchingly tragic.

Reviewer Score: 7