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雙姝艷 (1995)
Two Girl's Faced

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 06/21/2001
Summary: Twaddle

A period piece with quite a lot of nudity but little excitement and almost no sense. The two titular girls get it off (mostly together) for about a half of the first half, and they're quite pleasant to look at. There's a pretty-much unrelated story of Ho Ka Kui in a rare good-guy role, as a flying swordsman fighting an evil female head of a bunch of bandit. Three of the five major get violently and gorily killed at the end.

Scintillating dialogue - "Don't drang me out".

Running at just over 60 minutes, I therefore believe this must have been an X-rated film which was seriously edited down, though I can only spot one obvious and short cut. Very much not recommended.

Reviewer Score: 1