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廟街故事 (1995)
Mean Street Story

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/28/2003
Summary: Disappointing mixed bag

I expected to like this film, and to be able to write a review like several others above.

First, the good news. Mimi Chu's supporting performance is terrific. She's by turns pathetic, clingy, difficult and loveable. Perhaps her best performance. Annabel Lau and Eric Kot work well as the feuding couple whose instant dislike for each other becomes physical, but only seems to help hold them together. And, despite Eric Kot's character is rather annoying, he also manages to be quite sympathetic as well.

Much the same praise can be levelled at most of the support cast. Unfortunately, and this is part of the problem with the movie, the same cna't be said of the lead actors.

It pains me to criticise the wonderful and sexy Ng Sin Lin. She looks as good as ever here, and her voice is even huskier than usual (oh wow !). But her performance is flat and uninspired. I'm inclined to blame Dior Cheng for this. MSS is basically a love story, but Cheng plays his part with all the emotion of a plank of wood.

Worse, there is no chemistry or spark whatsoever between the two leads. The hysterical lines they recite near the end don't match at all the obvious lack of feeling they show. It's painful to watch.

Despite all this, the first half of this film is quite watchable, generally pleasant, and even entertaining. But, somewhere around the halfway mark, things start to fall apart and become flabby.

The film ends up looking like a failed attempt to remake both Young And Dangerous and Moment Of Romance, both on a smaller scale. It simply doesn't work.

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: Blue_Shadow
Date: 04/13/2002
Summary: A Beautiful and Touching Story....

This has to be one of Ekin's best performances. Though the storyline wasn't too strong, the star performances were thrilling and very emotional. Eric Kot has to be one of the most annoying actors according to most of his movies but in this movie, he was brilliant. His role as the loyal triad friend was amazingly touching. Initially, there was little chemistry between Wong Miu (Ekin Cheng) and Siu Suen (Jacqueline Ng) but eventually their love grew and became part of what was to be a beautiful yet tragic story. The main theme sung by Jacky Cheung was also a lovely song, the perfect choice for the film. 9/10.

Reviewed by: lang_mui85
Date: 08/25/2001
Summary: pretty good shiet.....

tis movie's pretty good... it made me cry... i dun really remember in detail wat the whole movie was.... but i remember it was sad near the end... yepyepyep... one of those crying movies... wellz.. check tis one out.. it's worth ur money....

Reviewed by: ryanatpoker
Date: 04/04/2001
Summary: Synopsis

Miu (Ekin Cheng) grew up on Temple Street, where most of the gangsters in the area gathered, but he never hung around with them. When he accidently kills a mobster he is imprisoned, and his life is changed forever. Upon his release, everything around him is different. He is now stuck in the sinking pit of the triad influence, and can neither escape from the merciless kilings of the underworld, nor run away from the traps of the ordinary world. The only thing in his life that stays the same, is his love Sue. But is that enough to keep him from going over the edge?

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

I found the Mean Street Story very entertaining. It touches my emotion. It makes me laugh and cry. Moreover, Cheng Yee Kin is a good actor despite his good look."

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Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Whew i just watched this movie, and i have to say it has to beone of the worst I have seen for a long time. It almost has to be seen to be believed, like the awful camera work that is a direct rip-off of the NYPD Snooze style, and it doesn't fit into the movie at all. I mean the movie is so unrealistic that it doesn't need documentary style camerawork. Stay away from it, so inept it may cause stomach sickness."

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