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玉蒲團II玉女心經 (1996)
Sex & Zen II

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 06/12/2006
Summary: And The Winner Is: Hsu Chi!

Hsu Chi stars as the Mirage Lady in this sex horror comedy (only in Hong Kong!) about an evil demon (Hsu Chi) who gains power by sucking the life force out of her victims during sexual intercourse.

Loletta Lee plays the innocent daughter of Elvis Tsui, a lustful official. Unlike dad, who attempts to bed every pretty girl he meets, Loletta only uses sex for medicinal or martial purposes. This discretion results in fewer scenes of the lovely Loletta getting it on, and the tightness of the wording in her contract is hinted at not only by the fact that she reveals less of herself but also in her chaste, by comparison to Hsu Chi's, love scenes.

Being new on the scene, Hsu Chi doesn't have that kind of star power, so to our benefit we see more of her, more often, and more erotically. Thank goodness for the exploitation of young actresses!

The narrative at the start of the movie would lead one to believe the movie centers around Ken Lok's character, who after losing his manhood in an unfortunate slip and fall incident, has a Taoist priest (those jacks-of-all-trades) surgically equip him with a clumsy, over-sized Swiss Army dick. The thing would undoubtedly harm the user; but the thought of what it would do to the poor woman is so hideous I was glad he turned out to be an ancillary character.

The climax of the movie comes when Loletta and Hsu Chi have a sex battle with each other in which she who comes first dies first. And just like the characters they play, we hope the scene won't end too soon, although about the most we get is some saliva exchange and breast groping. Still, the image of two goddesses of Cat III going at it in earnest determination is one I would like to carry around in my head indefinitely.

This is one of my favorite Cat III movies. The storyline, though not of Golden Horse quality, certainly rises above the filler level of many Cat III movies and actually entertains while we await the next sex scene. Many of the sex scenes are actually erotic, something else missing in some Cat III movies.

Highly recommended to Cat III fans.

And now to the box score: Hsu Chi - 3 points; Loletta Lee - 2 points.

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 02/24/2003
Summary: Fancy wording

It's a wonder how words of "awkwardity" are elegantly phrased in Chinese with such class. You're reading English subtitles for a Chinese poem that say "The dick and cock of men are both looking for pretty, sexy girls." How crude and frank it sounds in English, but rest assured in Chinese it's phrased as scholarly and poetic as anything out there. If not for the subtitles, I would not understand 90% of what they were communicating, because they just don't use the common, understandable words for penis, vagina, etc. The fancy words is like a foreign language, but you start to catch them after a while.

The movie is nothing less than intriguingly weird material. Witness the mechanical anti-raping armor that cuts penises/hands into shreds, the metallic penis that can emit smoke (upon voice command), the penis-blowing drug from Persia, and Shu Qi with a dragging penis. Yes, everything has to do with penis. All I have to say is that it would have been much more pleasing to NOT cast Shu Qi as a man.

Elvis Tsui is disgusting as ever. Whatever respect I had for him before witnessing his cat 3 roles is gone. Too much exploitation.


Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: danton
Date: 02/13/2002

Watching a lot of Loletta Lee movies lately, so I decided to rewatch this old Cat 3 classic starring her and Shu Qi. Been a few years since I last saw it, and I have to say the film holds up pretty well. It follows the proven formula to the letter, and if you've seen any of the similar period Cat 3 movies such as Sex and Zen, Chinese Torture Chamber Story, Erotic Ghost Story etc, you know what to expect.

However, the film is a lot better than most of the ripoffs that were produced later, and it actually has a decent storyline, as well as fairly high production values and nice camerawork and lighting. Elvis Tsui does his usual mad Cat 3 routine, and Loletta and Shu Qi (in a dubbed performance) are two very appealing leads. It's interesting to see this film now if only for the comparison of how far Shu Qi has come as an actress since those early Cat 3 days (although some early signs of her not yet fully developed screen charisma shine through even here).

Interesting to note also that she still draws a lot of vitriol from some corners for having done these nudie flicks, whereas Loletta Lee seems to have no problem as an actress in serious films despite her equally explicit cinematic past.

For those interested in the plot, it's about a demon called the "Mirage Lady" (Shu Qi) who has mastered the virgin stance and can now function either as man or woman, sucking the energy from her victims during sexual climax. She enters the house of Elvis Tsui and soon people begin dying. The only one on to her is Elvis' virginal daughter (Loletta) who is forced by her father to wear a rather nasty chastity belt contraption (that easily comes off at opportune moments, however). The movie climax, so to speak, is reached in an ultimate showdown between Loletta and Shu Qi that defies description and ranks as one of the more memorable scenes of this nature in HK movie history (along with the infamous Flying Kungfu Sex scene between Elvis and Julie Lee in ACTCS).

The movie has little or none of the somewhat nasty streaks of some later HK Cat 3 movies that focus a little too intensely on sex/violence, relying instead on atmosphere and on the good looks of the two lead actresses. All around an enjoyable viewing experience, and I would actually rank the film higher than the original Sex and Zen.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/29/2001
Summary: Ummm........

I remember there were only a few short and crappy sex scenes in this. Shu Qu is naked, if people want to know but thats about it!! Story wasn't the best but i can't remember much about this movie so...........

Reviewed by: alienlord
Date: 04/18/2001
Summary: A wild and raunchy slice of HK cinema.

Sex and Zen 2 is a lush, erotic, romp about a rich family whose only son is married to a beautiful girl that his father also desires. What none of them know is that she is really an energy sucking demon who sucks peoples energy while having sex with them. The daughter then teams up with a policeman who is hunting the wife of her brother, on a mission to destroy her, but it's harder then they thought. The beautiful Rachel Lee seems to be having fun in her annoying role, Shu Qi's film debut is probably one of her best performances, and Tsui Kam-Kong adds fire to boring scenes with his in-your-face performance. ***/4

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/08/2001
Summary: Steamy fun

The English titles claims this to be a sequel to notorious Sex And Zen. The Chinese title claims it a sequel to the brilliant late-80s period porn Yu Pui Tsuen. But see Tsui Hark's highly regarded but rather dull "The Lovers" for the actual inspiration of the story.

S&Z II is not as good as S&Z, and even further behind YPT. But it is gorgeously photographed, contains lush and generous nude shots of some of HK's loveiest gals, and features Tsui Kam Kong in a hilariously over-the-top performance.

Pretty good mindless fun.

Reviewer Score: 7