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去吧!渣Fit人兵團 (1996)
Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 2

Reviewed by: Chinoco
Date: 08/20/2006
Summary: Realistic Triad Action

Judging from some of the reviews I have read, some people rank this movie ahead of the first Once Upon a Time in Triad Society. I can’t go that far, especially due to its slow beginning, but it is a great film. This is a not a true sequel. In fact the only similarity’s between this and the first movie is that it features Triads and Francis Ng is in it- although he plays a far different character.

This time, Francis is Dagger, a peaceful Triad member who would rather play mahjong all day that get involved with any dangerous activities. Another difference between the movies is that “2”also features two other main characters. Roy Cheung as an action loving Triad, and Cheung Tat-Ming as a cop. The story revolves around a big gang fight approaching and how all three characters have different perspectives about it. Roy and his minions are all excited and looking forward to it; Cheung is more concerned about his pregnant wife then doing his police work; and Francis and his pals are just looking for ways to avoid the whole situation. Things get exciting as the tension builds towards the big showdown, and one of the three main characters is not going to survive the night!

As mentioned, the film has a very slow start. There are extended scenes of Francis playing Mahjong, Cheung spends two or three scenes in a restaurant with his wife; and Roy spends way to much time doing nothing and clowning around with his gang. The movie does pick up however, and things get real dramatic real fast! This movie portrays a more realistic side of Triad gang fights. There is certainly no glory in being knifed in the stomach and left to bleed to death in an alley. There are some dark moments, and I was impressed by it. It also shows how the Triad leaders use methods like “honor” to get there underlings to follow orders; but when things get bad, they are often the first ones to escape. Dagger is fully aware of this and tries everything he can think of to avoid action. Unfortunately a series of bad luck ultimately drags him directly into the gang fight and then even worse- on a dangerous Triad solo mission to kill the leader of a rival gang.

The second half and especially the end of the movie is very tense and very exciting. I would rank the ending scenes a perfect 10. Once again, Francis Ng steals the show here. Directing, cinematography and music are all top-notch as well.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 03/07/2003

OUATITS2 is the second installment in the thinking man's triad series. The movie is really nothing like Young And Dangerous at all, and anybody who comes to that conclusion has surely missed the point entirely. It's a far more intelligent take on the triad lifestyle, filled with dark humour and subtle parody. Characters are at the forefront of the movie, with Francis Ng a little more central than Cheung Tat Ming and Roy Cheung but all 3 being unusually well developed and 3-dimensional characters. Francis Ng in particularly is clearly well into the project, giving his all to his character with yet another fantastic performance. Roy Cheung also shows that he has more talent than he usually gets to show, and Cheung Tat-Ming is very likeable in a relatively comedy free role.

OUATITS 1&2 both seem to see their duty as expelling the myth that the triad lifestyle is cool and even honorable. The triads here feel vastly more plausible than the righteous rascals of Young & Dangerous or A Better Tomorrow. This is one production that almost certainly wasn't funded with Triad money.

Naturally, such an intelligent and subtle pair of movies were doomed to relative obscurity, and both are only available on VCD. Perhaps its the lack of star power - Francis Ng and Roy Cheung seem to have more of a following in the west than they do with audiences at home. It remains, none the less, one of the best movies produced in Hong Kong in 1996. Definitely worth seeking out, especially for fans of Francis.

Reviewer Score: 9

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/05/2002
Summary: Better than the first

Although only slightly, this is better than the original. But it still holds the same problems as the Y&D movies. There were too many of these films being made, making kids want to join gangs in HK.

Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: danton
Date: 01/03/2002

OUATITS 2 is a sequel in name only. The first instalment was a showcase for Francis Ng. This movie is more of an ensemble piece, focusing on 3 couples and how the deal with a series of events in a 12 hr time period. Francis Ng plays a triad pimp called Dagger, who would rather play MahJong all day than get clients for his hooker girlfriend. Roy Cheung is a small time triad who has seen one too many swordplay movies and fantasizes about heroic omnipotence, chopping his opponents left and right, while being bothered by his clingy girlfriend (Ada Choi) tagging along and harming his "manly" image. Lastly, Cheung Tat Ming is a police officer who's more concerned with his pregnant wife and who has a rather liberal work attitude.
All these characters are seen reacting in different ways to a brewing triad confrontation, revealing their true character and offering some amusing ironies in doing so.

The movie plays like a black comedy, and together with OUATITS 1 and Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone, provides an expose on the shabby truth of the triad world and culture that has little to do with the romanticised depictions of the various Y&D films. Strongly recommended.

The movie is only available on VCD (note: Poker sells a dvd called OUATITS 2, but that disc is mislabelled -- it's actually OUATITS 1, judging by the cover scan).

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 04/30/2001
Summary: Pretty good

I did have some expectations that this was going to be a good movie...........and it wasn't bad!!
The movie is a build up to the events that WILL occur and it looks at a few characters along the way!!

The main message this movie wants to get across is being triad doesn't pay at the end and i think it does a good job at it!!

Francis NG and Roy Cheung are great as usual!! They guy that dresses up like a woman (in Chow Sing chi movies) is in here too!!

Don't expect a lot of fighting in this movie by the way!! IT's aim is more drama and comedy. The ending is good too.

I think some people won't like this but give it a try and tell me what you think!!
PS. Use your brain!!


Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

What can you expect from yet another entry in the Triad Boyzgenre, especially one with such a silly title, helmed by notorious hack director Cha Chuen-Yi, and starring B-movie actor Francis Ng? How about one of the best films of the year! In an amazingly original script, the events that lead up to and follow a clash between two rival gangs are presented from the point of view of three different participants. There's thug Roy Cheung, who loves nothing better in life than to fight, but who has a soft spot for girlfriend Ada Choi. Then there's burnt-out cop Cheung Tat-Ming, a member of the anti-triad squad who is more concerned with his troubled marriage than stopping the pending clash of gangs. But best of all is Francis Ng, who breaks all the established rules of the genre by playing a small-time wise guy who trembles at violence and wants nothing more than to play mahjong all night. Although he talks a good game, he spends most of the movie doing anything to avoid actually fighting, and he gets you to root for him in the process. He is the coward as hero, the exact opposite of what a Triad is supposed to be. And I couldn't get enough of him. A great character that lightens the mood and provides a nice contrast to the vicious, morally-challenged Roy Cheung (who goes beyond his usual one-dimensional bad guy). But more than anything, Francis Ng's fine performance actually allows a human character to exist in the Triad world, one who actually feels fear, someone not very far from ourselves.