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沒有小鳥的天空 (1998)
The Pale Sky

Reviewed by: AkiraRus
Date: 07/23/2004
Summary: Just a mess

Total mess of a movie - I just can't be touched by a story of a man who lost his dick to another man but wants to get it back because he wants to marry. I understand that it's indeed a tragic situation but this movie just doesn't feel right. Kenny Bee, who bought another man's dick, is understanding and caring, Sammo Hung, who lost it to Kenny Bee, is understanding and caring - some fluffy dialogues and sad looks ensues but I just can't believe in anything that happens on the screen. 4/10

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/16/2003
Summary: Different!!

This is a comedy (even though it says drama here), and although this was 1998, it's the humour Sammo had back in the 80's!! A lot of it is 'mens humour', if you know what I mean, but it is actually pretty funny. Kenny Bee probably outshines Sammo more in this, but it's certainly well worth seeing. Some of it forces you to smile, where other parts put you in stitches!!