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超級整蠱霸王 (1998)
Tricky King

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 02/07/2007
Summary: super prank tyrant!

ohmygod (eric kot) is a mild-mannered office worker who falls foul of his boss. his boss employs the king of tricks (lo meng), who's nasty trickery results ohmygod being shunned by his dream girl, dkny (athena chu), and fired from his job. with nowhere left to turn, ohmygod seeks out the tricky king (nat chan). tricky king tricks ohmygod, but is impressed by his reaction and agrees to take him on as a student of trickery.

their first assignment is to discredit sylvia (lee ann), the half-sister of golumbus (simon loui), who is worried that she is going to get half of their father's, mr go (chan gan-wing), fortune when he dies. things become complicated when sylvia turns out to be a bit of a trickster herself and ng (mark lui), one of tricky king's students, falls for her. golumbus gets frustrated and decides that he needs to turn to the king of tricks for help...

well, i bought this by accident or, at least i think i did. any how, it was so cheap, that it was practically free, so i wasn't too bothered...

right, this is a daft slice of wong jing daftness. it is very silly (if you couldn't guess) but, in th throws of a nasty head cold and feeling slightly delerious as a result, i enjoyed this a lot more than i should have.

it is stupid, it's full of stupid jokes and quite bizarre 'titanic' references. still, if you enjoy such things, you'll enjoy this.


Reviewed by: danton
Date: 03/17/2002

This movie is annoyingly dumb, painfully boring, and worst of all, it isn't funny! I blame Eric Kot, who tries hard to outgrimace Jerry Lewis. He ruined Lawyer, Lawyer with his antics, and if ity weren't for the brilliant You Shoot, I Shoot, I'd say he should stay away from comedies.

The other reviews summarize the plot, so I'll save myself the effort. The Titanic and Stormriders parodies are brief and really not that funny, Athena Chu looks like she realized she's stuck in a bad movie and can't get out, and the rest of the cast run around as if they were being paid to be as silly as possible (they were, and that's the sad part...) The only thing the movie has going for it is Lee Ann, who can't act or speak Cantonese, but who sure looks lovely.

Reviewed by: grimes
Date: 04/09/2000

This must be Hong Kong's answer to Dumb and Dumber. Eric Kot plays Ohmygod (yes, that's really the character's name), a schlemiel who loses his job and dignity to the King of Tricks. He ends up working for the Supreme King of Tricks (a different person) as a disciple, along with several other apprentices.

The bulk of the film follows the Supreme King and his crew as they are hired by Go Lumbus (I love these names. His wife is Go Zilla), to humiliate his half sister so she'll be disowned. Ohmygod's love interest, Dkny (Athena Chu), works as a nurse for Mr. Go, their father.

The film is basically a series of gags, some of which are quite good, some of which are quite dumb. The film has a very cartoonish atmosphere, including one gag that seemed to come straight out of a Road Runner cartoon. In addition, a well known Warner Bros cartoon theme plays several times throughout the film (the fast xylophone music heard during many a chase scene in cartoons). There is also a great Storm Riders parody which was one of the best moments in the film.

It's basically mindless humor, but it is pretty funny. If you have 95 minutes to kill and you don't want to think too hard, you could do worse than to watch Tricky King.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Tricky King (1998)

CHAN Pak-cheung is a actor whose movies are fast in production. This time it takes only less than one month for 'Tricky King', starting from planning. If you take a look at the poster, you will probably consider it's a movie of imitations as the poster imitates 'Men in Black'.

Ohmygod (Eric KOT) is a office boy who looks for his girl Dkny (Anetha CHU). He lose his job and his girl as his boss hire 'Tricky Emperor' to tease him. He can search a job and finally get a job from 'Tricky King' (CHAN Pak-cheung). Teamed with Sherming YIU, Quick and Slow Beat and Mark LUI. They have their business from Simon LUI by playing tricks on LEE Ann. However, Mark LUI has been in love with LEE Ann......

Whether you can enjoy 'Tricky King' or not highly depends on your acceptance of imitation. If you accept it, you will enjoy it a bit while you will hate everything in the movie starting from the beginning if you can't accept it. The point is that you'll find lots of scenes taken from 'Titanic' and 'The Storm Riders'. (I'm not going to give examples as I don't want to spoil it)

The style of CHAN Pak-cheung and WONG Jing's movie is that they put lots of current affairs in their movies. This time they put the Japanese religions and 'Storm Riders' in the movie. This is their strengths. Together with other scenes imitated from 'Titanic', they tried to make it more entertaining'.

About the plot, as it's only a movie for enjoyment, please don't expect it will give you a very good plot. However, I think basically the movie works as it can pack lots of gags in the movie. However, it seems that the gags are a bit old-fashioned, you would find that the gags are more or less the same as the principal from 'Enjoy Yourself Tonight' TV show several years ago. It still works if you haven't seen too much comedies.

It seems that they have put some efforts at the first three-quarter of the movie but not the ending. I do expect they should put more efforts, more gags and more contents in the movie but they haven't. Maybe they need to meet the tight schedule but I think it would be more enjoyable if they can put more at the ending.

In terms of performance, I think Eric KOT has done a goood work as he looks very natural while Fast and Slow Beat shows their potentials in the movie. For Mark LUI, it seems he needs to be polished for comedies.

Basically it's a movie for elements that you get from the past EYT. You may enjoy it if you miss such laughters.