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陰陽路4與鬼同行 (1998)
Troublesome Night 4

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 03/21/2010

Troublesome Night 4 takes the Hong Kong ghost story to the Philippines.

The humor and horror get off to a quick start with Raymond Wong and Karen Tong as a businessman and his secretary who are looking forward to the recreational aspect of their trip. Their preparations for bed are interrupted by unexpected guests, which sets up a running joke.

A spooky mood is established in the story of a delivery company employee (Timmy Hung) transporting the ashes of a young Filipina who died in Hong Kong back to her home. After an unsettling first night, he is met by a young Filipino man who guides him to his destination. The delivery man is unnerved by visions of a young woman, but his colleague is unfazed and remains dedicated to their mission. The conclusion is not a major surprise, but the story effectively maintains an eerie atmosphere.

The happiness of a young couple (Louis Koo and Pauline Suen) on their honeymoon is disturbed by the wife's nightmares. They have several unusual encounters with local people during their sightseeing trips, which reinforce the wife's sense of unease and cause her to doubt her husband's fidelity. The story builds a sense of increasing menace into the wife's encounters, while her husband seems to be enjoying the trip and even meets an old friend. This causes her feelings of isolation and alienation to increase, and brings her nightmares to reality.

Three young men disappointed that they haven't found the action that they came to the Philippines for decide to go out to meet some local women. Leonardo (Simon Loui) has an encounter with a woman in the room across the hall which recalls The Shining, then they accept the invitation of a beautiful woman to meet her at a bar, where things begin like From Dusk Till Dawn and go downhill from there. This story has the mix of scares, mild gore and humor typical of the Troublesome Night series.

The Filipino characters, with one exception, speak English or Tagalog, a refreshing departure from the common practice in Hong Kong cinema of dubbing foreign characters into Chinese. Several beautiful Filipina actresses, including Via Veloso, Anna Capri and Aya Medel, add erotic heat to the stories.

Troublesome Night 4 offers something a bit different, with the expected scares and spooky atmosphere, but less comedy and more erotic adventure than usual. The mix is uneven, but fans of the series may find this an interesting variation on the formula.

Reviewed by: White Dragon
Date: 11/16/2005
Summary: Yin Yang Road with a Filipino flavour

Shot in and around Manila, this entry in the popular TROUBLESOME NIGHT series follows a delivery courier (Timmy Hung) who has to deliver a burial urn to its final resting place, and encounters some spooky coincidences along the way; newlyweds Wing (Louis Koo) and Apple (Paulyn Sun) who, after the words of a creepy fortune-teller, experience some upsets during their honeymoon; and ne'er do wells Leonardo (Simon Lui), Dicaprio (Cheung Tat Ming) and Driver (Wayne Lai), who join a seven day tour package with hopes of bedding as many Filipina hookers as they can...with unexpected results.

Director Herman Yau creates something quite different from the other films in the series here and, though there's green-lit ghosts enmasse and some prerequisite HK horror-comedy, the emphasis seems to be on injecting a slightly more salacious aesthetic into this instalment (the entourage of Pinoy adult actresses [Via Veloso, Ana Capri & Aya Medel] spend as much time undressed as they do dressed; those expecting the typical horror-comedy are best warned that this outing is a little more adult in texture and thereby viewer discretion is advised). A few fine laughs, captivating location work that makes excellent usage of the Filipino locales, a little dash of sizzle, and one bonafide jolt-you-out-of-your-seat moment -- but good fun all 'round. Curiously, and perhaps thanks to the Manila-based locales and local actors, this has proven my favourite in the series before they branched off into DV productions post Part 7. Well worth a look and a nice South East Asian diversion for the series.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: the_addpoet
Date: 05/03/2003
Summary: It's true...

It's true...Filipinos believe in ghosts and supernatural entities.In fact,it is part of our culture,as our legends and myths mention these kinds of beings.It's true...The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia.But beware of pickpockets.It's true...During "holy week", my Catholic kababayans(countrymen) flagellate themselves and even nail themselves to crosses.It's true...We have lots of so-called fortune tellers who tell spooky things(I was once told that I would impregnate a girl in the near future).It's true...Guns and whoring are illegal,but they're everywhere.It's true...We have sexy stars like Ana Capri(Capri and not Carpi).And it's true...After all,I love my own country...The Philippines.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 10/17/2001
Summary: ok ish

A movie with 3 parts in it. One about a gal who thinks his partner is cheating on her, another is about a guy who must deliver a package and the last is about 3 horny guys looking for 'love' in the city. Now this is the best story of the 3, not that it's scary because none of them are, but it was funny!!

I movie to watch when you got nothing else to do!!


Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Troublesome Night 4 (1998)

Sorry for my big mouth, it's the time to go back to the topic. 'Troublesome Night' has been a series with a average of 6 months for one. This one is the fourth movie of the series with the same crew and more or less the same actors like Simon LOUI and Louis KOO. This time the movie is taken from Phillipnes and focus on travelling. A group of HK guys go to Phillipines for their holiday. They got lots of experiences which are hard to explain. HUNG Tin-ming is on duty for brining a parcel to a family in Phillipnes which Louis KOO and Paulyn SUN got their wedding tour. Leonardo (Simon LOUI), DiCaprio (LAI Yiu-cheung) and CHENG Tat-ming go for whorming.

'Troublesome Night' is one of the successful series of super-natural movie in the past two years. This time they still put their successful element in it -- 3 stories for 3 different styles to satisfy audience needs. The first one is a romantic, second one is worth-thinking and the third one is horriable and laughter. This combination suits most of the sector as audience will easily fall into any one or more than one of the stories.

When compared with 'Troublesome Night 3', it seems that 'Troublesome Night 4' loses some of its successful local factor. However, the director and the script writer tried to minimize the impact by making scenes with less contenital color. The movie is still entertaining. In terms of plot, it seems that there are some imitations for the third story but they still put some their own inputs to make it fun and more horrible. They can even play tricks on current affairs like the Chief Executive.

To me, I think the first one is quite romatic. HUNG Tin-ming looks as a outsider to the love between Mario and his another half. The love secne is short but to-the point. It's the one with the least coverage. It'll be more romatic if there are more contents in it.

The second one is about the trust between each other. At the surface, it's about the confidence between trusting a husband or a wife. But it also suits if you put this to the future of Hong Kong and yourself. You will probably get another feeling.

For the third one, it's the most typical one and the most horrible one. It looks like Quantin's 'From Dust Till Dawn'. However, the screen writer put more stuffs to make it meaningful. Lots of gags has been put while they also put sins in the Bible in the movie.

On the whole, I think the style of the movie tends to girls and beasts which is not a good signal. Maybe it's necessary because it may be the motivation for travelling Phillipine to some people's point of view. But I prefer something that can make it more value.

In short, though I prefer the last one of 'Troublesome Night' series, 'Troublesome Night 4' is still worth-watching and it's worth-paying.