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香港第1凶宅 (1998)
Haunted Mansion

Reviewed by: White Dragon
Date: 11/16/2005
Summary: A moderately decent Wong Jing produced ghost story

Married couple Gigi (Gigi Lai) and Fai (Anthony Wong) find themselves heading home to Gigi’s mother’s Yuen Long estate, instead of Japan as intended, for their annual vacation, as shifty property developers have been trying to oust Mum (Helena Law) and sister Fen (Shirley Cheung) from the family home. While Gigi struggles with mysterious stomach cramps, Fai and Fen have their own share of hassles with ghosts and ghostly possession.

A good solid B-movie horror effort that foregoes cheap laughs for a more serious tone (from Wong Jing, who would’ve thought?). Some effective scares and fair reading of a relatively engaging script by director Dickson To from the ensemble cast make this one modestly enjoyable. Some completely gratuitous nudity is interjected by the addition of a completely unrelated ghost-rape scene (that appears out of nowhere and has little to do with the plot), so viewer discretion is advised. Not bad at all, though viewers of HOROSCOPE 1: THE VOICE FROM HELL may find the denouement incurs a strangely familiar sense of deja-vu.

Reviewer Score: 6