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PR Girls青春援助交際 (1998)
PR Girls

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: PR Girls (1998)

When I first see the poster of 'PR Girls', my first impression is that it's a movie about the lifes of fives young girls in nightclubs, like the style of '97' Lan Kwai Fong' or 'Enjoy Yourself Tonight' last year. Frankly speaking, it's a movie focus on pretty girls.

'PR Girls' mainly describes Julia (KONG Hey-man), Mamasan of a night club in Tsim Sha Tsui, leads a team of PR Girls including Ah B (LAM Nga-see), Matilda and Ah Kwan. The whole movie is about the lifes and affairs between these five grils like how they deal with clients.

Frankly speaking, the PR Girls is a type of movie that is hard to get a good impression of audience. Audience consider there are only two angles. First angle is in terms of their duties. Movies on this direction requires to be as erotic as possible. The second direction tend to reflect the reality. This is what 'PR Girls' adopts. Towards the end of the movie, it's very confusing with lots of unnecessary scenes. The lifestyle of Ah B with her boy in Tin Shui Wai is taken badly.

In terms of the plot, it is below average. 'PR Girls' achieved in putting suitable dimension of what a nightclub reality movie should have like the working environment, dealing with problem clients, love and friendship. However, it is lack of impressive secne which can give audience a memory after the show. It looks a bit too typical, especially the ending. I think they can put the story is another tone which can make it with more charming.

Another problem of the plot is that it looks like pieces rather than a whole story. If it looks like a pieces, it would be not suitable in PR Girls as there'll be five pieces and each can occupy less than 18 minutes on average. I think the main problem is that the script hasn't put enough correlation between each characters. It'll be much better if they've put more correlation.

In terms of actors and actress, I regret to say that almost all of them are only sub-standard except LAI Yiu-cheung who played a problem client with wierd character. Maybe the whole set of actors and actress are too young. But I consider it's not their faults as performaners in such movies should not be experienced or the movie is not realistic. The faults may come from the scripts as the script hasn't given actresses enough opportunity to act. But the performance of LAI Yiu-cheung is very outstanding. His look of Hello Kitty gained lots of laughters and appreciations from audience.

In short, I consider 'PR Grils' is a below average movie. The performance of LAI Yiu-cheung is also outstanding but not good for others.