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^ySR (1998)
Nightmare Zone

Reviewed by: White Dragon
Date: 11/16/2005
Summary: Anthology horror succumbs to 2-to-1 strikes agianst

Three separate spooky tales: “Find” sees May Ho (Emily Kwan) freaked out when she rings her old number and is answered by…herself; nutty cabbie Tin (Wayne Lai) finds his wife Lily (Cheung Yuen Man) going off the rails while he’s away; “Blue Moon” follows yuppie Simon Chu (Max Mok) haunted by dreams of a past life murder, and turns to sham psychic Feng Chin (Yvonne Yung) for help.

Hmmm, story one is actually quite good and eerily effective with scenes of paper afterlife dolls creeping about – but the second and third story let this anthology down miserably. After a strong start in Emily Kwan's creepy story, Wayne Lai's segment just ambles in circles, never really going anywhere or tying up its narrative-arc, and the climactic segment with Max Mok is anti-climactic at best (a paper-thin soap operatic reincarnation piece). If it must be watched, see only for the first episode then find alternate means of entertainment.

(Score is for the first episode alone)

Reviewer Score: 3