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色降II萬里驅魔 (1998)
Exodus from Afar

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/24/2000
Summary: Borrrrrrrrrring !

Muddled Cat III nonsense. Appears to be a sequel to Devil Sorcery (1988).
But the multitude of characters and random scene changes makes whatever plot there is impossible to follow. There's the evil buddhist magician, whose chief trick is the Horny Spell, which he practices on a couple of pretty young acolytes. There are at least two other good-guy magicians fighting him. Tsui K K passes the time doing what he does best (athletic sex with unknown starlets). Yung keeps her clothes on and, thus, looks terribly lost all the way through. Even filming most of the story in Thailand doesn't help much. There's a charming little scene where a young girl sheds her clothes and dances naked in front of Buddha. One of the good magicians explains this as a gesture of the girl's total honesty about her sins. While this is certainly a practice to be encouraged, I know of no Buddhist sect which endorses it, and the scene is nevertheless pretty dull.
There's plenty of nudity and sex, but it's presented in such a limp fashion that fast-forwarding is irresistible. This film compares unfavourably to similarly muddled Cat III timewasters such as the atrocious Devil Girl 18 and the surreally boring Devil Of Love.

Reviewer Score: 2