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邪教檔案之末日風暴 (1998)

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 01/07/2011

The basic story is a nice set-up, and with a cast that also includes one of Hong Kong's go-to guys for playing villains, Mark Cheng, one could probably expect something fun or interesting to open up over the next ninety minutes. But that's sadly not the case. Boiled down to its' core elements, is a rote Hong Kong police thriller that tries to liven things up with some bare boobies and strange religious imagery. While the effort is appreciated, the end results are a bit of a mish-mash that will likely not really leave you either pumped up or totally disgusted -- just maybe a little bored.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: White Dragon
Date: 11/16/2005

Partially inspired by the bizarre group suicide of five women in their Telford Gardens, Kowloon, apartment in July of '98 -- with a dash of resurgent reference to Japan's Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult, and pre-Millennial antichrist/end of days religious twaddle. Officer Chan (Louis Koo) investigates an apparent group suicide, in Kowloon, and uncovers a cult that goes by the name of The Church of the True God, led by a chap who calls himself Pope (Andrew Lin). The flatmate of one of the cult's victims, Blonde Ying (Grace Lam), sneaks into the cult on police suggestion to dig up the truth; spiritualist copper Chiu (Anthony Wong) helps solve the case.

Post Cat III die-down, Ivan Lai largely made forgettable films, and this was one of them; it grabs a handful of headlines and proceeds to squander them on a routine police procedural thriller. Looks to have been shot on the cheap, as there's maybe a handful of shooting locations with the rest of the film confined to three or four basic sets. Pretty banal on most counts, and the post-climactic coda is just nonsensical beyond belief (with all the talk of the Apocalypse, it seems Lai forgot his narrative in the editing and opted for a cheap punchline to trick out the end credits). However, fans of Grace Lam's later Cat III work will undoubtedly find small merit hidden amongst this strictly pedestrian opus. ;P

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 04/15/2002
Summary: OK

Well, it's an interesting name that's for sure! The film itself is actually very good, but most of the acting is poor, like Sydney guy said about Louis Koo, he looked 'wooden'!

Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/07/2002
Summary: Pretty good

I really thought i reviewed this already but anyway the movie is ok.
I found it quite erotic actually and the ending leaves you thinking.

I really liked Anthony Wong's character, but Louis koo looked a bit wooden!!


Reviewed by: s****
Date: 11/16/2000
Summary: Boring

I rented this movie mostly for the nonsensical title and as part of my increasingly painful effort to become an Anthony Wong completist. Boy, is this film lousy. As the other reviews state, this is some kind of pre-millenial nonsense about an evil cultist with magical powers who has some dastardly plan to either end the world or just kill all his cult members or something. Some really dull, irritating cops try to stop him. Anthony Wong is in full "I'm just here to get my paycheck" mode as an X-Files Agent Mulder-type character, and his usual charisma is conspicuously absent.

This certainly isn't the worst Hong Kong "horror" film I've seen recently (DIAL "D" FOR DEMONS would have to receive that honor; I can't even bring myself to write a review for that film), but the film is slow-paced and builds to nothing. Watching it was definitely a waste of my time; in all seriousness, watching the Weather Channel would have been more entertaining and at least I would have then been informed of something.

In reference to the other reviews of this film, I didn't notice any DVD extras because, after watching the film itself, I removed the DVD quickly from my DVD player and threw it out the window. As for good production values, well, depends on your standards, I guess. The whole movie appeared to have been shot in two to three indoor locations, all of which looked vaguely like they may have been built in the basement of a high school. However, it did have higher production standards than DIAL "D" FOR DEMONS, I will say that for it.

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 02/22/2000
Summary: What were they thinking?

I finally caught up to this 1998 film on DVD. It is a nice disc with a few extra's. The film itself is kind of corny, with an 'evil pope' in a kind of 'catholic' church who preaches free love and the end of the world. Ho-hum.

Most of the performers do some good work, especially Mark Cheng Ho Nam who shines as the 'devil'. Anthony Wong, playing a fortune telling police officer, is his nemisis, having busted the 'devil' years earlier on a similiar case to the one young officer Louis Koo is investigating. I loved him in "Bullets over Summer", but in "" he's just wooden.

The script is all over the place and, at the end, is just to convuluted to make sense. Production values are high, the movie looks real good. Worth a rental, at the very least.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: tim
Date: 12/26/1999
Summary: Based [in part] on a true story...

Yes, "" was actually based on recent news headlines - The Telford Gardens apparent group suicide which resulted in several cult members being found dead in an apartment in 1998. In Ivan Lai's version of the story, it's not all blamed on the supernatural.

In the film version, five cult followers attempt suicide in a Tak Po Gardens flat. One survives – only just – and there are enough leads on the scene to point to two murderers. One flees to the mainland and where he's left to the Chinese authorities (as happened in the real case) and the cult leader becomes the sole target in Hong Kong (this is the made up bit). A friend of the survivor, Blonde Ying (Grace Lam), leads the cops to The Church of True God, led by Mr Pope, or "The evil pope" as cop Chan (Louis Koo) from the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau aptly names him. Ying gets caught up with the cult straight away and casts aside her memories of Pope killing her best friend when she sleeps with him. As the cult leader sets about preparing for the end of the world (it was the first day of '99) the cops hire supernatural specialist Officer Chiu (Anthony Wong Chau-sang) to find out more about Pope's background. As far as Hong Kong thrillers go, "" comes across with higher-than-usual production standards and plenty of good acting from its otherwise b-list cast.