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黑社會檔案之黑金帝國 (1999)
The Kingdom of Mob

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 11/13/2009

It boggles the mind to think that veterans like Michael Chan and Wu Ma, who had decades of experience and appearances in some true classics, would be forced to appear in crud like this in order to pay the bills. I guess Hong Kong is a tough town to make a living in. But what isn't tough is me telling you dear readers to stay far, far away from Kingdom of Mob. With no manner of hyperbole, I can fully say that Kingdom of Mob is one of the worst movies from anywhere in the world that I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through, and I'm all that much dumber for actually sitting through the whole thing. Please, don't be a fool and make the same mistake -- your brain and sanity will thank you.

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: ButterflyMurders
Date: 02/09/2002
Summary: Puke

This film is atrocious. The plot is quite absurd and the characters blandly one-dimensional.

It is a waste of Anthony Wong and, to a lesser extent, Wu Ma. They surely must have been desperate for work to appear in a C-grade (B-grade is too good a rating) film! Everything cliche is thrown into this film-from the mysterious, elusive hero/cop, to the over-the-top villans who laugh evilly after every nasty plan. Even the ending is horribly cliche. A "dark empire" with the triad slowly enroaching over everything? *shudder*

What other complaints do I have...oh yes. The CHEAPNESS of this film. The gold nuggets found in the soup, for example, were glaringly plastic. The guns looked like toy guns. Some of the set decorations looked as though they were brought from an op-shop bargin bin. Oh, and that classic car used in a stunt mid-way through the film was a throw-back to the 80s when advertisements were plastered all over vehicles.

So, don't do what two other people and I have done. Don't watch it. This is not a good film. It's not even unintentionally funny!

Besides, what producer of a decent film would call themselves "Mr 15"? Hehe :) 1.5/10.

Reviewed by: nsbr1
Date: 12/23/1999

What a waste of the talents of Anthony Wong this film is. I know he often tends to take on a lot of mediocre films to make a buck - but in this one it often looks like he is doing everything he can to stay awake. Only when he locks lips with Pang Dan does he come alive. The plot of the film might sound ok - HK is spreading out - some triads are buying up land in the New Territories because they realize that soon they will be worth mucho dollares - and they use those typical triad methods of inducing people to sell. But it is just done so badly - with so little energy - that you can't wait for it to end. Wong plays a cop/priest and Pang Dan is an old flame now on the wrong side of the law.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Kingdom of Mob, The (1999)

ProFilm is a newly established company but they have been very active in film production. First, this summer we had their three productions. Now they are making one movie per month. 'The Kingdom of Mob' is their production for September. When compared with their previous productions this title uses a much stronger cast including Anthony WONG Chau-sang and Diana PANG Dan.

Judging from the movie title, you probably expect that 'The Kingdom of Mob' is a movie about triad society. The story happens in the 21st Century with the plan to extend the territory of Hong Kong. Once the plan is confirmed, New Territories will change its identity -- from a remote region of the city to the new centre of Hong Kong. In addition, large fundamental constructions will be processed and a New Railway will be built. The price for land near the Railway Station will definitely increase. Triad Chief Kuen (CHAN Wai-man), who would like to take advantage of the development, participates in the election of the Village Representative so that he can gain inside information and use his power to alter the routes of the railway so that he can profit from that. To achieve his aims he bribes and threatens the citizens to vote for Kuen instead of another candidate -- Uncle Five (WU Man), a nice guy who has been the Village Representative for years.

With evidence of corruption Independent Commission Against Corruption (the ICAC) is called in. The officer proved to be useless in catching Kuen and his traid gangs. Suddenly, a priest (Antony WONG Chau-sang) comes to help them for the case ...

'The Kingdom of Mob' looks like a direct duplication of Andy LAU Tak-wah and Tony LEUNG Ka-fai's 'Island of Greed' (1997), which is about corruption in the election of the representative of the Province of Taiwan. The only difference is that this time we don't have a province but only a small village. The lack of skills in adapting from other movies weakens the plot for 'The Kingdom of Mob'. I see little scope for a village representative to alter the route of a railway. If they really want the plot to revolve around corruptly altering railway routes then they should base the plot around something like the election for Council members.

The sound of the movie is unsatisfactory. Apart from actor WU Wai-hong, almost all the major cast are not dubbed in their original voice. This hampers an audience's enjoyment of the movie.

Most of the cast only repeat their roles from other movies with no charisma. Anthony WONG Chau-sang acts similarly to his role in the 'Young and Dangerous' series or 'Ordinary Heroes'. Given the role of his character he should be smarter than he is portrayed by 'Young and Dangerous' and 'Ordinary Heroes'.

CHAN Wai-man, acting as a triad chief repeating his role from movies like 'Hope of Heaven'. Though his roles in movies are mostly triad head, he can have more variety in approach where the plot demands that the character be clever in his dealings with the ICAC officers the actor fails to show this cleverness.

Diana PANG plays the sister of one of the ICAC officer. She helps Kuen's triad party only to find the opportunity for revenge on Kuen who is reponsible for her mom's death. She no significant role to play throughout the movie. They all acted adequately but not remarkably.

'The Kingdome of Mob' is a movie that repeats the plotline of another Hong Kong movie 'Island of Greed'. However, its shift of focus to small scale elections makes the plot too unbelievable. The performance of actors and actresses are adequate but nothing you haven't seen before.