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陽光警察 (1999)
Sunshine Cops

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 05/13/2002
Summary: Good effot, but...

[Sunshine Cops]

Stars off good, ends up being awful. I’m not exaggerating, this really does end up being stupid, with not interesting plot twists and ends up being very predictable.

Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: sarah
Date: 02/20/2002
Summary: Girls Eye View

Usually in HK films one of the joys is all the great supporting actors which abound, but in this film everyone is rubbish except for Stephen Fung and his family, including his co-star, who has no charisma. At least with Nic around you get a bit of electricity happening. Even the baddie puts in a half-hearted performance!
Fung looks a little lost trying to make it a good movie on his own, but he certainly gives it his exhuberent all and is bubbling over with irrepressible good humour. Some of the action scenes are quite impressive and I think his stocky power and physical presence make him a natural action star. There was even a Fu Sheng moment, when the three of them start an impromptu dance party in a car, he warms up with some lovely Shaolin moves.

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 05/27/2001
Summary: Great first hour, then goes wrong

SUNSHINE COPS: A fine film. Well, the first hour of the film is great - really fresh & intelligent, with a nice tongue in cheek style. Then at about the hour mark, the plot suddenly turns really contrived - it's as though the writer ran out of ideas and watched "Die Hard" too many times. The action scenes, acting and direction throughout are top notch though. Especially the action scenes - mostly hand to hand stuff, and not for the purists (lots of edits, some wires etc) but very nicely filmed. Recommended.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 12/08/2000
Summary: Pretty good

I saw this movie and i agree with the 2 reviewers below me! The sript should of been developed more and the action was REALLY good!! I have seen kung fu action as good as this in years, even though the end fight was a let down!!
Anyway the other reviewers have said enough, but i feel generous giving this movie:


Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 04/09/2000
Summary: Enjoyable, but comes up short.

The idea behind this movie is excellent; the "sunshine cops" are essentially a two-man PR team, selected for their youth and good looks. Many, however, begin to doubt their ability as real cops. This could've been both a funny media satire and a great action movie; unfortunately, it's not quite either. Time that could've been spent elaborating on the media angle is instead wasted on a somewhat uncomfortable sub-plot involving a high-school girl; this storyline goes nowhere, and while the tabloids' claims that the sunshine cops mess around with underage girls is supposed to be ridiculous, it's a little too close to the truth. The satirical bits about the entertainment industry are too brief to make much impact, and the film instead comes off looking like an endorsement of the "idol" system the film initially seemed to be poking fun at. Fortunately, the action scenes are fun and much more frequent than I'd imagined; as Ryan mentions, the brief shootout in the ice factory is terrific. The director is inexperienced but enthusiastic; not all of his ideas work, but there are some clever moments, such as the opening "chase." Unfortunately, while the film is solidly entertaining, with the same concept and a better script it could've been one of the year's standouts. Still, when you've seen as many Aman Chang films as I have lately, you're willing to settle for competent direction and any script at all.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Sunshine Cops (1999)

What's your mental image of Hong Kong movies about cops? Bullet ballets like "Big Bullet" and "The Final Option", or action more like the "Police Story" series? "Sunshine Cops" is trying to re-invent the Hong Kong cop movie, with a cast from the younger generation. Will this be another "Gen-X Cops"? Probably not.

In the movie, "Sunshine Cops" is a project run by Margarita (Elaine TUNG Oi-ling) to improve the image of cops and make them crime prevention idols. Two young cops, HEUNG Hoi-on (Stephen FUNG Tak-lun) and Sammy (CHEUNG Chi-yiu), are selected as the first pair of "Sunshine Cops". They are introduced as idols by the police force.

One day, they meet a rich girl Katy (LEE Sum-kit) outside the international school. They both fall in love with her. But in the background, a group of gangsters headed by LIN Hoi is out to kidnap millionaires' children for ransom. Katy and her friends are their targets ......

Though there's a lot going on in "Sunshine Cops", the movie really just provides a way for the kids to be heroes. First, Sammy and HHO get chosen as special cops and they're covered in glory. Then it all goes wrong and they're down in the dumps. Finally they rebound to become heroes again.

In terms of plot, the film tries to pack in more than it can cope with. For example, the love triangle between HHO, Sammy and Katy is a bit ridiculous. At least it is not convincing to see Sammy, who is supposedly a serious sort of guy, acting so undisciplined.

Family affairs are important to the film, but they don't sit very well in the plot. The depiction of HHO's family is okay as both his Dad (Spancer LAM Sheung-yee) and Mom are hilarious. But Sammy's family background, focussed on brother (Ken WONG Hap-key), isn't deep enough to build his character.

The last half-hour of the movie shows them on the rebound. It might have been more interesting if they had chosen an ending to show Sammy and HHO's intelligence. But unfortunately, it's something that we have seen before -- hijacking students in an international school. It looks very much like Stephen CHIAU's "Fight Back to School" in the early 90s. It's even filmed in the same international school! This is very disappointing.

MA Yuk-shing has done a good job with the action design. The scene in the ice factory is fantastic, making good use of the environment. As "Sunshine Cops" is a movie with lots of young stars, the action scenes should be a bit more exciting, and indeed they are -- though sometimes they have gone too far. For example, during the selection board for the sunshine cops program, the process is so high-octane that I wonder if we are watching a sports program.

Stephen FUNG Tak-lun is very sharp and charming in the movie. It looks like the role was tailor-made for him as it fits his outgoing character. In comparison, CHEUNG Chi-yiu doesn't have enough to do. He is cool and he could use something more to show his intelligence I'm afraid LEE Sum-kit hasn't got anything important to do in the movie.

"Sunshine Cops" is an attempt to make a Hong Kong cops movie with young performers. Stephen FUNG Tak-lun is very sharp and the action is good. However, the detailed story-line doesn't implement the basic idea very well.