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天使之城 (1999)
Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen (1999)

It is very hard to find a religious movie in Hong Kong Cinema. Last year, a group of Christians formed a production team for their religious movies. "Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen" is their second production, but it's the first in Hong Kong Cinema that can be shown in theatres. The most obvious reason for this is that it's the last movie by Roy CHAIO (KIU Wan), who passed away in April.

"Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen" is a movie about "Man of Angel." Assistant Director Joe (CHAN Ka-fai) is making a new movie with Mimi. One day Mimi attempts suicide and is at the edge of death. "Man of Angel" (Roy CHAIO) comes along and miracles happen. She recovers on the next day. In fact, "Man of Angel" stays in the West Wing of Yan Sum Hospital -- a place where patients wait to die. "Man of Angel" gives them support, love and hope to face their future positively. KWAN, (NGAI Chun-kit) from INN, is a devil-owner of an internet TV channel, who uses fake news for ratings. He sends a team with Angel (LAU Mei-kuen) and Hung (LEUNG Wing-chung) to find out the real identity of "Man of Angel."

The movie was born to be a religious movie. Audiences may be scared and consider such movies as hard sells of religion. I'm not a Christian, but I don't have the feeling that the movie is a hard sell of their religion. In fact, they fuse their aim and message in a very dynamic and relaxing way. Hence, you can forget the burden when watching the movie.

The plot for the movie is simple, but to the point. There are three main plot lines, "Man of Angel," the TV Station and the relationship between Joe and his Dad. It's a good combination that provides laughter from the TV shows, the message from "Man of Angel" and the sentimental feeling from the relationships. The communications between Joe and his Dad are pale, but reflect reality.

They use an extreme example to show the behaviour of the television "info-entertainment" program and creating false stories. The way they present this idea is effective.

Roy CHAIO shouldn't have any regrets by having "Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen" as his last movie. His performance is outstanding. What surprised me is the performance of CHAN Ka-fai, who also stands out in the movie. He plays an assistant director, who finds it hard to communicate with his Dad. His character is positive and well-suited for the role. The performance of LEUNG Wing-chung is okay, but he could have put more in his acting.

Please note that this movie is does not have English subtitles.

"Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen" is a religiously-inspired movie without the hard sell. The plot is intelligent, using the elements of laughter, emotions and underlining messages. The performances of Roy CHIAO, his wife, CHAN Ka-fai and the rest of the cast are above standard. It is a quality production in 1999. You should take in this feel-good movie.