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黑風客棧 (1999)
Black Wind Inn

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Black Wind Inn (1999)

New Treasure productions is considered to have many unsatisfactory film productions. There simply is no audience attending their movies. Despite that fact, New Treasure is still producing movies. In May we had their nightmare, 'The Golden Nightmare.' Now we have their new production, 'Black Wind Inn.' Like Francis NG's 'Wipe Out,' from last year, the movie's release date is the same as that for the VCD.

'Black Wind Inn' brings us back to 1920s mainland China, during the unstable political period. The flooding from the overflowing rivers made the situation worse. A rich guy in So Chit has raised a half million dollars, seeking a security company to take care of the donations, from So Chit to the States. Tak Wai Security is headed by WANG, his son and daughter, Si-hei and Fei-fung. While WANG signs the agreement, another security firm, headed by TO, wants the contract. TO's company hasn't made a transaction since opening. He wants to take care of the money, so he asks another group to steal and cheat for the money. TO's plan fails and he subsequently seeks the help of the largest gang in the area, Black Forest, to get the money. They rob the money, guarded by WANG, who dies during the attempt. In addition, TO spreads the rumor that WANG cheated to get the money. Sihei and Feifung seek vengeance....

After producing tons of sub-standard action movies, New Treasures tries to make an historical action movie. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they have improved their production quality. Like their previous productions, 'Black Wind Inn' is a movie that tries to pack as many action scenes as possible, without thinking about whether or not the plot is logical. The first five minutes consists of some action scenes that take place during the midnight hour. Due to the poor lighting, it is very hard to see what is happening on screen. However, the most ironic thing is whether or not the beginning is related to the rest of the movie.

The plot itself is very dumb. While WANG almost signs the agreement to take care of the donations, another guy, who's in charge of another security firm, can enter without even being noticed by anyone. I wonder if this can happen. Maybe the only purpose is to have the two parties fight amongst themselves.

The central idea is simply the conflict bewteen the two parties, plus the Black Forest gang . After WANG dies, his son and daughter take action to kill the other party. This could have been achieved if it were done with a different approach, but 'Black Wind Inn' makes no effort to impress or engage the audience.

In terms of the action, it's throughout the movie, but lacking and lackluster. From time to time, it's fighting with no charm. The fights are more or less the same, and really boring. I expected better use of wires for more satisfying action choreography.

In short, New Treasure tried to make an historical action movie with 'Black Wind Inn,' but didn't learn from their previous efforts, and failed to correct all the problems with this production. Once again, they've added another poor movie to their record.