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女歡 (1999)
Lady in Heat

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Lady in Heat (1999)

It seems that BIG-Mandarin circuit has switched its showing schedule. We expect they show 'Moonlight Express' after 'Fascination Amour'. However, out of our expectation, they put up CHU Yin-ping's 'Lady in Heast' for selling CHEUNG Nga-ling and CHING Ka-mei. Maybe they hope such special can give audience a surprise.

'Lady in Heat' is only one of the stories in the movie. In fact, it is a movie with three stories. First story 'Erotic Meet' is about a young female customer trying to buy the tank for bathing. However, she try to bath in the tank in front of the sales manager. Second story 'Room for Rent' started with a couple whose sexual life is unhappy and they rent a room for another couple which hope to exchange wives to get back the satisfaction of making love. Third story 'Lady in Heat' is about a murder of a billionaire. When a female inspector investigate the case, she found that the billionaire's wife is a lebisan and she even falls in love with the wife in a crazy manner.

By watching 'Lady in Heat', what you expect is definitely CHING Ka-mei and CHEUNG Nga-ling with sexy performance. If this is the case, please get prepared as you have to go thorough the poor first and second stories. The first story looks like something in TV rather than in a movie. It is very typical and predictable. The whole movie is not fun but it seems it is make only for getting the quota. It won't be a loss even though you skip the story. I consider the movie can be better presented to meet the basic requirement.

'Room for Heat' is a bit better than the first one, but still sub-standard. The problem is the background of the movie. The movie talks about a man who is lack of money and has to sell blood in order to own his living. If this is the case, I think there is no point to talk about their sexual life. When you see a man as weak as him, can you expect a good making love scene? Probably not. The remaining of the screenplay is also so typical that you may already fell asleep after watching the second story.

For those who are patient enough to remain in front of the screen for the main 'Lady in Heat', what comes out is a movie like Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone's 'Basic Instinct'. The only difference is that Michael becomes a girl. The whole stuff is okay, at least it looks something with a bit sense. The love scene between CHING and CHEUNG is also okay.

However, are you patient enough to watch the first two boring stories first before getting what you may expect more but typical story 'Lady in Heat'? I don't know.